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Old business

  • Review all website content and figure out which areas need updating
    • [RB] There are still some areas of content that could use some love, specifically:
      • [TODO] I'd like to add small callout area between the header and the blog section on the front page with a description of the event and some calls to action.
      • [TODO] We need a favicon. I'll make one.
      • [TODO] We should update the about page with information about how awesome past events have been and include some photos
      • [TODO] We should link to Calagator / Plancast events for everything we mention on the "Specifics" page and improve the registration link to be something other than the URL itself.
  • Update website content (if you want to work on this and need access, let me know)
  • Update wiki (Igal)
    • [RB] Some updates made, some tweaks left
      • I created 2011 versions of the relevant wiki pages. (/2011 /2011/sessions /2011/places_to_stay /2011/sunday_activities)
      • I removed the 'attendees' page from the top nav because we're showing attendees on the eventbrite page. (we might want to find a way to pull this data in somewhere else on the site?)
        • [TODO] The wiki theme should make the page edit more obvious and possibly disable the section edit links
        • [TODO] Clicking the WhereCampPDX 4 text in the wiki header should link to / instead of /wiki
  • Contact potential sponsors (Justin, Reid)
    • [RB] Contacted RideConnection, they think they can sponsor but are checking with purse string holders
    • [RB] Put a general appeal out on Twitter from @wherecamppdx and my personal account
    • [RB] Geoloqi wants to sponsor, I'm emailing w/Aaron
  • Finish the announcement started at http://etherpad.opensourcebridge.org/wherecamppdx-2011-announcement
  • Follow up with Rick about using PIE on Saturday night (Don P)
    • [AE] I talked to Rick about this at the PIE event on Thursday. He said it was probably fine, but we should check back sometime this week (they're still moving incubator participants into the space).
    • [DP] Rick has confirmed that PIE is reserved for Wherecamp on Oct 8th, 5pm-10pm. I asked about alcohol, too: the in-house keg is available for use, and BYOB is okay too.
  • Brainstorm places to meet for breakfast, lunch, etc. on Sunday
    • [RB] We talked a bit about this on the list last week.
      • Breakfast / Basecamp: Cloud Seven
      • Lunch / Dinner: Ecotrust / Ringlers / Others
  • Find out Percy's plans for OSGEO event on Friday

New business

  • Sponsorship updates
  • Schedule updates (places/plans for Friday/SatPM/Sunday)
  • T-shirts: deadlines for ordering, should we put sponsor logos on the back?
  • Keynote speaker announcement