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List of things we're using, to be categorized:


Syndicate Wiki: [2]

  • Purpose: Program documentation - how we run the organization and all of our programs.
  • How to get an account: New registrations are closed. Need to have an admin create an account for you.
  • Who: board and committee members
  • Files:
  • Database:
  • Concerns/Todos:
    • Needs to be updated (software) we should at the very least move to 1.2.5 (long term version).
    • Needs more configuration and extensions to be super useful.
    • Maybe use request account extension.
    • Getting people to actually use it. This is institutional memory: long term notes get lost if they are in fragmented google docs/etherpad etc.
    • It would help if we had extensions such as github issues, would make it more vibrant.
    • Christie would like a staging server to test wiki features!

OSB Wiki: [3]

  • Purpose: OSBridge wiki is for participant use and collaborative event notes.
  • How to get an account: Open registration during the event, closed other times
  • Who: OSB particpiants
  • Files:
  • Database: mysql
  • Concerns/ToDos:
    • Keeping it up to date software wise. Confusion about having a second wiki. Work required to keep it integrated with rest of OSB site.
    • it would be helpful to have a staging server to test deployments before doing them. also as a learning tool.
  • Reid: It's mediawiki default theme, plus js to inject a header.
  • it would be helpful to have a staging server to test deployments before doing them.


OSB [4]

  • Purpose: CMS / Blog for OSB. Handles front page of the OSB site.
  • How to get an account: ask anyone who has wordpress admin access: those people can be documented.
  • Who: only people who should have accounts for wordpress are" authors".

Multi-Site Install: [5] and others

See Tech/Server_Notes for a full list of domains that are hosted on this instance.

  • Purpose: CMS for Stumptown Syndicate + program and event sites
  • Concerns:
    • Need to rip out civiccrm
    • Web-initiated upates were disabled following the wordpress security recommendataions.
    • There is a command line to upgrade: "wpcli / coreupgrade" documented on server list page.


Open Source Bridge [6]

Purpose: Proposals and scheduling for OSB

Ignite Portland Proposals [7]

Purpose: Proposals for Ignite Portland

Ignite Corvallis Proposals [8]

Purpose: Proposals for Ignite Corvallis (which is not one of our programs)

Google Apps

We have three Google Apps for domains accounts:

   * (but we don't own domain)
  • Who: All Syndicate board members should have a google app account. Others granted access as needed?

Need to document email groups and aliases for all Google apps domains. Should probably also audit user accounts. Make a list of admins, and how to get an account.

We generally use Google docs for things that we want to edit collaboratively and that we don't want to be public.

Google docs/drive/apps Google apps for domains seperate accounts for: Syndicate, LoT, OS Bridge

  • Alternatives: mailman3 (now with web interface)
  • Concerns: email aliases (which ones?) cause confusion.

Google Groups

[9]!forum/igniteportland-planning [10]!forum/osbridge-core [11]!forum/osbridge [12]!forum/barcampportland-planning [13]!forum/pdxtechworkshops [14]!forum/friends-of-igal [15]!forum/safetyfirst-pdx [16]!forum/syndicate-bod [17]!forum/syndicate-comms [18]!forum/stumpsyn-members [19]!forum/wherecamp-pdx

Missing: single sign on

  • Standards: SAML: [20]
  • [21] [22]
  • Alternatives: For board and committee, google apps for single sign on might work (openid/ OAuth2). [23] May need to call google to enable unlimited nonprofit accounts.


Slack [24] We have a non-profit account for the Syndicate. Limited number of users, but > 1000.

  • Users with an email under can login without any ceremony. Users with email under other domains can be added manually.

[25] OS Bridge team and the board are using it. Todo: Make a list of people with ability to create accounts.


Event registration and payments We have a non-profit account that gets us slightly better rates. Compticketeer integrates with the Eventbrite API [26]

Folks should be granted access under their own logins with multi-user access:



One of our main payment processors for donations. Used to use for eventbrite payment processing, but then switched to Eventbrite's payment processing.


Use for in-person merchandise sales and donations.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

TODO: Set up security policies.


Simple Email Service (SES)


We have paid accounts for Stumptown Syndicate board members. Sharing is weird.

  • Purpose:
  • How to get an account: from adminstrator (currently Christie)
  • Who:
  • Alternatives: Ratticdb (open source:

Registration Apps

More details for these three apps here: [28]




  • [33]
  • Not yet on github

Google Analytics?


All of our servers are with Rackspace. They are giving us services for free, up to $2k?? month. [34] We have a single shared login. Probably need to see if there is a better way to provide access to control panel.

  • Concerns: recently acquired, we might get a bill at some point.


  • We're using it to run comptiketeer, ErrBit, badgeteer.
  • Who:
  • How to get an account:


Primary domain registrar for all our our domains. Provides DNS for most of services. Currently DOES NOT have auto-renewal turned on. (payment is complicated) Christie might still be parent owner on some domains, we should check.

Some info: [35] - I haven't updated the expiration dates in a while (Kirsten)


  •  ?Domain name services?
  • Concerns: no ical export

They can be moved, Reid attempted this previously, gandi sent email to a place Reid couldn't get them.

Some info: [36] - I haven't updated the expiration dates in a while (Kirsten)


DNS registrar for pdxruby, calagator


  • [ ] Reid recommends we remove all dokuwikis which are not in active use (mostly for past conferences/events?): Mediawiki is fine, dokuwiki cannot prevent spam (it can be secured if you require user logins, but not for anonymous use -- spam fills the hard drive as many text files, since dokuwiki is not database backed)

wherecamp is probably only install [37]


Our accounting software. Completely hosted. We have an admin master account. Credentials in Board lastpass. There is a user level for program chairs so they can generate invoices and such.


  • Uses "databags" to store users. Watch out for making errors with databag: it can remove access to the system.
  • Runs as scripts on all Syndicate servers, manually when Reid runs it.
  • Q: Is this the config?: [38]
  • Research: how to use this. Reid has stuff set up on a local machine. Or do we use Chef-solo.
  • Q: Which services are managed by Chef?



We have an account for use with Syndicate iPad. Credentials should be in Syndicate Board lastpass account.


For social media coordination. We have a shared login for board members and then one or two other accounts for program-level social media coordination. Shared master login should be in Syndicate Board LP.


Has all of our mailinglists. People should be added as needed under their own accounts.

Todo: document lists and uses.


Form submission. Was also used at one time to take paid memberships.


osbridge stumpsyn igniteportland barcampportland pdxtechworkshops


There are pages for Stumptown Syndicate and several of our programs. These should be linked to Hootsuite

New Relic

  • Christie has account?
  • [41]
  • credentials in Syndicate Board lp


- an open source error catching/reporting on Heroku, grabs events from calagator, other services.
Source: [42]

Chris Freeman's Volunteer App

I think Chris is still hosting this and we are pointing our dns to it [43] (jetpack, akismet, etc.)



credentials in Syndicate Board lastpass


  • Customer relationship management (for donors)

Mostly Board access only, with a few other trusted people added. Credentials in Syndicate Board lastpass [44]

Security & Maintenence


  • Concerns: we need some backups!
  • TODO: ask Reid what backups we currently have.

Monitoring and alerting


Would like to enable ssl on all of our sites. Let's Encrypt?


where can we enable 2fa? what's the best way to do this?


on-boarding and off-boarding sucks now b/c there are so many seperate systems knowing which login to use where also is confusing

system updates


Mailman? instead of google groups Slack alternative like Zulip


   [ ] Create a list of admins and publicize. And rotation schedule.

Glue scripts

  • Indesign, etc. We should inventory these. Some are on Reid's laptop, others are on drop box. Compticketeer and badgeteer are meant to be repositories for these kinds of tools.