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Writing Syndicate and event budgets

  • For example: 2014 Syndicate budget
  • Currently using Google spreadsheets, but could use a better solution, preferably one that tracks against our Xero records.

Writing Invoices (Xero)

Writing checks (Xero)

  • Accounts -> Checks -> Spend Money
  • Save the PDF to Dropbox and print it onto our check stock
  • Get a different board member to sign it

Download Statements and Bills to Dropbox

  • FirstTech monthly statements
  • Other bills and receipts

Receiving checks

Deposit check

  • stamp back of check, use phone app or bank website to deposit
  • FirstTech will take a greyscale JPG scan of the check via their website
  • put scan of the check in Dropbox - Accounting - Deposits

Update spreadsheets in Google drive:

  • Syndicate Budget
  • specific event budget
  • specific event sponsorship, if applicable

  • add sponsor logo to event website
  • (OS Bridge) email sponsor about 15% discount, send links to register their free sponsor passes, bcc CRM

After event:

  • Send sponsor thank you letter, 501c3, no goods & services etc etc

No longer used, replaced by Xero:

IRS and Oregon Dept of Justice filings

  • 990, 1099s, CT-12, business registry, etc.
  • See Procedures/Deadlines for when these are due.
  • Our CPA helps us with these.
  • Add the public copy of the 990 to our website

Paying bills

Review and categorize Xero transactions

  • Xero needs to be reviewed weekly or so.
  • Updates automatically come in from the bank.
  • Categorize each transaction with an account and activity (department).
  • Keep an eye out for unusual transactions. Obviously look out for fraud, but also sometimes billing gets screwed up. (Once Rackspace started charging us for the free non-profit account).