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Initiate Contact with Potential Sponsor

  • Either they will contact you, or you will contact them
  • Tell them about the event: what, why, where, when and how
  • Tell them how they can support the event
  • Answer any other questions they have

Procedures/Sponsorship/Returning Sponsor Request Email and Procedures/Sponsorship/New Sponsor Request Email

Potential Sponsor Responds

Response: No

  • Thank them for their time.
  • Note their response on the sponsorship tracking document.

Response: Yes

  • Thank them for their support
  • Ask them how much they want to sponsor for, if they didn't specify
  • Ask sponsor to complete sponsorship form and return
  • Note their response on the sponsorship tracking document.

Confirm Sponsorship & Invoice

  • Once the sponsorship form is received, forward to the Syndicate Treasurer and event Co-Chairs
  • Make sure the sponsorship form is complete (for sponsorships >$5 mailing address is required)
  • The co-chair and/or treasurer will then generate an invoice for you to send to the sponsor
  • FYI Some sponsors will require that their finance departments issue a purchase order prior to invoice generation
  • It's okay to make adjustments to the processes in order to facilitate a specific sponsor's payment processes. E.g. if the sponsor needs an invoice before they can sign the sponsor agreement or issue a PO, that's okay. If you need an invoice issued before a sponsor agreement or PO is issued, make sure to include the following in your invoice request:
    • contact name
    • company name
    • mailing address
    • email
    • phone number (optional)

Gather Sponsor Materials

  • You should wait until the sponsorship details have been confirmed and sponsor has received an invoice before you officially recognize the sponsorship
  • Generally when you send the invoice, it's a good idea to tell the sponsor what materials they will need to submit. This varies by event. In the case of Open Source Bridge:
    • For the free passes that sponsors get, have them send the emails of the people who get the passes (the number varies by level of sponsorship) to The registration coordinator will send them links to register. We want them to register before the event so we can have badges ready.
    • We can send them registration links after they've given us their signed sponsor form.
    • For other people that they want to register, they can get 15% off with eventbrite code: osb_sponsor
    • See the section below called Checklist for Sponsors.
  • When you get the sponsor materials, forward to whoever is collecting sponsor materials


  • Just prior to the event it's a good idea to double-check and make sure all the sponsors are recognized in event materials
  • Work with the co-chair and/or treasurer after the event to ensure that all sponsors have paid
  • Send a thank you letter after the event (with details of the event's success/results if possible)

Checklist for Sponsors

The following is boilerplate for emails you can send to sponsors, at the point they have said they will sponsor, to provide a checklist of who does what when:

Sign-up Checklist

1) By email: Please print the Sponsor Prospectus PDF (, fill in your company and contact information, purchase order number if needed, and Participation Agreement, scan and email to us.

2) We will issue and send back an invoice together with the counter-signed Participation Agreement.

3) By U.S. mail: Please send the Participation Agreement together with your check.

Note: If at all possible, please use a check, but let us know if you really need us to work with an ACH type electronic payment such as

Additional Checklist

1) As soon as we have your Participation Agreement, please email

  • a) logo (300 ppi JPEG, TIFF, or EPS raster file; or PDF or EPS vector file with fonts outlined -- logo will be on white background on the site).
  • b) description of your company (up to 50 words)

Note: We will try to post those to our site as soon as we have them, after receiving a completed Participation Agreement.

2) Please email a list of the email addresses of who will attend on the number of conference passes that goes with your sponsorship.

3) We will reply with a special sponsorship link enabling registration as a sponsor using the email address(es) you provided. Your participants should use that to pre-register, so conference badges will be ready at the reception area when they arrive at the conference.

Who, Where, What

a) email:

  to: (Stumptown Syndicate Treasurer)
  to: (OSB Sponsorship committee)
  cc: <>

b) payment for Open Source Bridge 2015 conference sponsorship should be payable to Stumptown Syndicate and mailed to:

  Stumptown Syndicate
  PO Box 28398
  Portland, OR 97228

c) The Stumptown Syndicate is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so sponsorship is tax-deductible.

  EIN: 27-4103153

Thank you!

Best, -<me>

P.S. Please get in touch with any questions.