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Currently, we have:

  • Google Docs,
  • Etherpad stuff from previous years,
  • OCW login through `ssh <name>` once someone has added a key,
  • WordPress login,
  • The Stumptown Syndicate wiki,
  • Dropbox (contracts, static assets, etc.),
  • Little Green Light CRM
  • A GitHub organization
  • Registration Apps: Compticketeer (for sending free tickets to sponsors, speakers, and volunteers, etc), Badgeteer, and OSB-Stats
  • osbridge-core Google Group
  • Mailchimp (Christie has access and wants to clean up and document before handing over)
  • Eventbrite ( account)
  • There is a Paypal (for taking donations)
  • There is Square (payments for merch at the event) (Christie will investigate this access)
  • Xero for accounting