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Context: These are notes from when we moved the OSB wiki from being separate MediaWiki instances for each year to being a single instance using subpages for years. It should be mostly archival information, but some of the problems cited in this document appear to still exist.

Example of sites




When editing a page, the markup toolbar isn't shown due to a JavaScript error. It's supposed to show the toolbar.

When editing a page or use anything at a /wiki-raw URL, the big blue year-specific menu doesn't correctly guess the year this page relates to and instead shows the current year. It's supposed to show the year associated with that page in the menu.


Explain the year-specific prefix (e.g. "2011/") used in the title and links on the edit page.

Improve category pages so they ignore the year-specific prefixes when sorting items. Currently they think all the pages in a category start with "2", which is the first character of the year-prefix. This may not be such an issue (Christie gave me that impression), but today I'm noticing that categories, at least this one, span multiple years: . Hopefully that's just because the 2012 pages are clones of the 2011 ones. -akf


New wiki doesn't have a "Toolbox" sidebar -- however I'm unsure if it's even needed. The documentation claims this is managed through MediaWiki:Sidebar but in MW 1.18, this does nothing.


Update automateit recipes to delete obsolete wiki and skin directories, cronjobs, backups and sites

Update automateit recipes for main site to redirect old URLs to new ones

Update automateit recipes to support the new wiki

Commit and push changes to wiki skin, which are incompatible with the old wikis

Commit modifications of the in-place backup for the wiki itself

Add 2012 content to new wiki

User Links - all presenter names link to /2011/wiki paths. They're links to User profiles which don't exist on the unified wiki. I (Amy) don't know what the plan for these is so I'm noting it.

Other links has links to the old 2010 and 2009 wikis at the bottom. It's a wiki and I could change that, but this may be more general. Or we may be happy to simply have the redirects take care of that kind of thing.

2010 main page has broken links to "Unconference Notes" and "Unconference Sessions" pointed at: On the old wiki, they go to .

The 2010 unconference page itself was ported to -- but all the links on it are redlinks. On the original, some of them are links to real pages with notes.

Broken in both versions

Link at the bottom of to a PDF of the PAM floormap. No big deal, but maybe we lost uploaded files at some point?