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OS Bridge website parts
OS Bridge OpenConferenceWare parts


There are some updates that require the new event to be created in OpenConferenceWare. Once that is created, though, we are open for proposals, so we don't want to create it until we're ready. There is no "don't open proposals yet" flag in OCW (yet).

Files to update in their repos and push to the server

Front page

  • Dates at top right under "The conference for open source citizens" in Wordpress: Update the shared fragment files on Arroway at /var/www/osbridge-ocw/shared/public/system/shared_fragments/header_*. This will be changing, see github issues: Solve "shared fragment" issue
  • Lanyrd link in left sidebar: Update Wordpress: Appearance > Widgets > Frontpage sidebar
  • Sponsors on homepage: Update Wordpress: Appearance > Widgets > Sponsors sidebar




  1. Create badges for the new year in
  2. Upload badges to Arroway: /var/www/badges/$NEW_YEAR/
  3. Edit WordPress page for IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the default WordPress "Visual" editor because it destroys formatting and escaping, please use the "HTML" editor instead. The easiest way to update the HTML is to copy the markup into a text editor, and use its search-and-replace to update the (1) year, (2) month/day, and anything else. Create a local HTML file using the badge's HTML and confirm that it's okay.
  4. Update using a similar approach to the above.
  5. Update OpenConferenceWare by editing app/views/open_conference_ware/proposals/create.html.erb in Redeploy.

[adapted from Igal's very careful instructions to me, March 24, 2012, after I asked him about it and he said "It involves uploading files in funny places, editing the html in a quirky way, and updating OCW. Its one of those tasks that takes longer to explain than do." and I said no really, explain it to me anyway. :p -Kirsten]

These pages need updated text and links

<div id="frontpage_register_callout">
<h3>Registration is open!</h3>
<a href="" class="button">Register Now</a>

Wiki updates

Update after the new event is created in OCW

Opening the CFP

In OpenConferenceWare (go to "Proposals" for the current year to get there quickly -- if that doesn't exist, some of the previous steps aren't done yet!), click "Manage this event" under Administration in the left nav. Update:

* Proposal deadline
* Accept selector votes? (YES)
* Accept proposal votes after deadline? (Yes -- why not?) 
* Open Text
* Closed Text
* Session Text (question -- does this appear before the conference?) 

When you hit "Save," proposals will be *open*!



  • stickers
  • flyers