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  • Manage pre-conference and on-site registration, sell conference swag


  • pre-conf:
    • set up and manage Eventbrite
    • set up and manage compticketeer (code on github)
    • send out complimentary tickets (compticketeer)
    • print badges of attendees who registered after we sent badges to the printer
    • buy blank labels for badges
  • pre-conf communication:
    • keep core team up to date on registration numbers, alert if numbers are low
    • answer emailed registration questions
    • issue refunds before/during conference
    • transfer tickets
    • change paid tickets to speaker/sponsor tickets, etc.
    • print badges of attendees who registered after we sent badges to the printer
  • onsite coordination:
    • sell t-shirts & scarves, take donations (donation box, square reader)
    • count cash at end of the day
    • print signs, etc as needed


  • Comp tickets go to:
    • Media
    • Organizers (core team members)
    • Speakers
    • Sponsors (a certain number based on sponsor level)
    • User Group Raffle and other winners
    • Vendors (video, massage, etc)
    • Volunteers who volunteer 8+ hours
    • Also, registrations paid for outside of Eventbrite (by invoice/check)
  • Open_Source_Bridge/Registration/Historical_Ticket_Prices
  • information about how things have historically been done
  • preferences and best practices
  • important background information

Tasks & Timeline

  • specific tasks with associated timelines

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience with EventBrite
  • confidence communicating with attendees
  • general skills and experience required for this role
  • time required and when (be sure to indicate which roles need to be on-site during conference)


  • what decisions people in this role can make on their own
  • what decisions need consultation and consensus of planning committee
  • what decisions need consultation of Syndicate board (e.g. spending lots of money, things that affect environment and ethos of conference)