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Registration Apps

These apps have a similar Ruby code base. They all rely on Eventbrite's API.

They are dependent on the Eventbrite access codes generated by Compticketeer to determine ticket types. Access codes are generated in the form volunteer_kcomandichgmailcom_082e44d. The prefixes (organizer_, speaker_, volunteer_, etc) are stored in Compticketeer's database and shown here: .


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Takes a list of emails and uses the Eventbrite API to generate a unique access code for each email, and sends it to them.


See for the current configuration. Configuration is set using Heroku's environment variables. See

Compticketeer's config screen also shows which files pull in each of the environment variables.

Tech details

Issues with access codes

Access codes are set up to allow 2-3 uses, because if it's a single-use code and people hit the back button when signing up, the code is "used" temporarily, and people will email asking why it's "used". The downside of this is that someone could use it for more than one free pass. To prevent that, in the past I've reset the use-count to 1 after a code is used. This is tedious. Either an automated way to handle resetting the use-count needs to be created, or we put up with people getting confused over 1-use codes.

Also, when the Eventbrite event is duplicated for the next year, all of the access codes get duplicated too. The only way to delete them is one by one in the UI. There is an undocumented way in the API to delete them, so it would be simple enough to create a method in Compticketeer to delete them all.



Badgeteer is used onsite to instantly (subject to speed of the printer ;) create official-looking OS Bridge badge labels. Blank badge booklets are printed ahead of time. A list of recent Eventbrite registrants are shown and can be chosen to print a badge. There are also fields to make a custom badge. There are other features useful for the registration coordinator: listing those who paid for student tickets (to verify their ID), etc.

  • TODO how many printed on average?
  • Avery template 5164, six - 3 1/3" x 4" labels per page (makes 3 badges, back & front)

Tech details

  • Uses Eventbrite API v3
  • Currently hosted on the Syndicate Heroku account
  • Github private repo:
  • Ruby 2.3.1 / Sinatra 1.4.7 / Heroku Cedar-14
  • TODO Move to OS Bridge Github
  • TODO refactor to store the badge layout separately.

Reg Stats

View at

Displays some charts and statistics about the current OSB event: attendee types, paid ticket types, food preference, gender. Some past event statistics are also shown. Previously it's also been used to show attendee geography, age, years in open source, and other answers to custom questions. Once it had a chart showing the most common first names of attendees. :)

Tech details

  • Currently hosted on the Syndicate Heroku account
  • TODO Add to OS Bridge github account
  • TODO upgrade to Eventbrite API v3 (in progress)
  • Ruby 2.3.1 / Sinatra 1.4.7 / Heroku Cedar-14