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1) Copy the event from last year.

2) Edit > Event Details

  • Update the name of the Event.
  • Update the Event dates.
  • Update the dates in the Event description.

3) Edit > Create Tickets

  • Update each of the ticket types (Regular Registration, etc) with new dates that they're valid. Click on the gear icon for each ticket type to edit them.


These are tickets used by Compticketeer:

  • Sponsor
  • Volunteer
  • Organizer
  • Massage
  • Media
  • Speaker
  • Raffle winner - (an email is sent to user groups telling them they can have a raffle and we'll provide one free ticket.)
  • Video
  • Tuesday Volunteer
  • Wednesday Volunteer
  • Thursday Volunteer

Other types:

  • Prepaid Attendee - (used when someone pays outside of Eventbrite. We still want to collect their info.)

4) Order Options > Order Form

  • Make sure that each ticket type is getting the right set of custom questions.
    • Most important: CoC and Recording Policy - make sure it's selected for all ticket types except Additional Contribution.
    • Each time a new ticket is created, you have to go in here and update its custom questions.
  • The custom question, “One Day Pass day:” - edit the options to match this year’s dates. (For example, "Tues June 21st").


If you click on the gear icon for each custom question, you can edit which ticket types get asked this question, and what the options are.

5) Order Confirmation

  • Update the Confirmation email and webpage to contain the correct deadline for getting refunds.

6) Discount Codes

  • Delete old Access and Discount Codes (that were for specific people).
  • Update the discount code that uses the current year.


The way to deal with these in Eventbrite is not ideal. All of the codes are copied from the previous event, which is great for most Discounts, but a problem for Access Codes. We use Compticketeer to generate the Access Codes, custom ones for each person. For example, there were 288 Access Codes from 2015 that needed to be deleted. There were ~10 Discount Codes that were custom ones for certain people as well. AFAIK there is no way to do this except by clicking delete for each of them. (I'm looking into if this can be automated with the API.)

The name of the Access Code is generated by Compticketeer based on ticket type, and is used when creating badges using Badgeteer and in the osb-stats web app.

7) Event URL

  • Edit last year's event to change its Event URL from (for example, to, so you can re-use that URL for the new event.
  • Set the Event URL for the current event to