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DATE 29 April 2015, 6:15 PM PDT at Mozilla


Christie, Amy, Jonan, Lauren, Chris

Note-keeper: Amy (the note-keeper is responsible for moving notes to the Syndicate wiki after the meeting)


  • Schedule Check
  • Worksprints
  • Media from the conference
  • Fundraising
  • Registration
  • Content
  • Logistics
  • Volunteers
  • Technology/Website
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Action Items

Schedule check

Keynote speakers announced, Lauren will announce again when we have titles for all three.

Reid is still waiting on responses from a few invited speakers, which is why the schedule hasn't been published.

Deadline for sponsorship? None, but the sooner they sponsor, the sooner they get exposure, and print production lead time is approximately 2 weeks before the conference.


(Worksprints are the first and third Saturday of the month, co-located with Calagator code sprints.)

Next worksprint is May 16.

Media from the conference

Fundraising / Sponsorship

Good week so far!

Jonan doesn't know how to get in touch with Intel.

TODO: Reid to get Intel intel to Jonan.

Reid just sent Jonan contact information for all the people we've worked with at Intel


We have 88 paid registrations [20 at $175, 20 at $195, 33 at $240, 13 regular, 2 student]. Free tickets: 4 organizers, 1 sponsor, 3 raffle winners, 33 community passes.

historical: May 7, 2014: 78 paid registrations, 5 free May 1, 2013: 102 paid registrations, 2 free May 2, 2012: 79 paid registrations, 5 free April 27, 2011: 72 paid registrations, 3 free April 27, 2010: 62 paid registrations, 4 free

Kirsten is working on upgrading Compticketeer to use the new Eventbrite API, since the old one will be deprecated April 30th. :p


All but eight talks are now confirmed. One of those eight isn't sure about travel, so we'll probably mark it confirmed and then cancel it if she can't make it.

Reid has emailed all of the unconfirmed speakers and will do so again if he doesn't hear back today.

Two newly-declined propoals:, Reid will fill them in from the waitlist (both short form).

Reid and Christie need to follow-up with speakers who requested travel.


Christie met with Holli about the Eliot Center today. Discussed space, having the party there. We already have the Buchan room & classrooms until midnight, so that's okay. We can also use Fuller for that.

Chapel is booked but Sanctuary is not, and Holli put a hold on it for us.

Holli needs to clear the Doubleclicks with the clergy. (For sanctuary; we can be as rowdy as we want in Fuller. Keeping in mind what we tend to want.)

TODO: Lauren will send Christie some links to Doubleclicks music for review by clergy.

(National UU conference is the same week as OS Bridge, at Convention Center, and yes, this does play into some of the space availability.)

A202 is available (hot), A201 is not, A301 might be; Holli will check. The "chime room," off Fuller, could be available but has 4 steps. We could probably bring in a ramp if we needed to. Channing room is on hold for UU conference. A016 (with couches) is available. Could use as volunteer lounge + storage. Youth room, maybe not accessible, avail.

LeMond has outgrown the space and will be moving on. NW Academy is in the process of negotiating their lease and Eliot Center is willing to include a stipulation that OS Bridge can use space during our conference.


Rubik's Cubes have been ordered. They have not yet been placed on the slow boat from China. We are waiting to order lockpick sets and Japanese calligraphy boards until I hear back from the volunteers.

Jonan will talk to Guardian Games about game sponsorship again this year.

Jonan will look for monitors and last year's PIs.

Christie will look into getting DDR setup for the party.


Has volunteers for lockpicking, Japanese calligraphy, and Rubik's cubes

Looking for someone who would be interested in teaching people to solder. (Bill Den Beste did this one year, Cat Poole also does fun solder projects)

Goal for the app is to have it live by mid-May. Have been trying to refactor it and make it Open Source, which won't happen for this spring but there will be some updates.


Amanda and Christie are looking for someone to work on on-site logistics & on-site catering. Amanda went through the WuFoo responses and sent out emails to the people who expressed interest.

Technology / Website

Still need to get the volunteer app up on a server (Reid to coordinate with Chris).

Chris needs to get a server set up my May 11th to have the app go live by May 16-ish (worksprint)

Reid has been dusting off the server setup scripts and can stand up a basic server easily. Needs to coordinate with Chris again about what specific requirements are involved in running a django app. ->

TODO: Chris to send Christie (and Reid) an email with server size requirements.

Marketing / Outreach

Lauren will be doing keynote speaker interviews for blog posts. Welcomes suggestions of questions to ask.

Do we want to remind user groups to raffle a ticket? Lauren will do on Facebook and Twitter.


Glitter bombs: fun, or pure EVIL?

Action Items

Next meetings:

Wednesday, May 6, 6:15 at Mozilla.