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Last meeting notes:

DATE 22 April 2015, 6:15 PM PDT at Mozilla


Christie, Reid, Amy, Jonan, Amanda, Lauren, Kirsten, Mike

Note-keeper: Amy (the note-keeper is responsible for moving notes to the Syndicate wiki after the meeting)


  • Schedule Check
  • Worksprints
  • Media from the conference
  • Fundraising
  • Registration
  • Content
  • Logistics
  • Volunteers
  • Technology/Website
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Action Items

Schedule check

Registration $240 deadline - can we get a promo out about keynotes?

Tonight: Email acceptances

Tomorrow: email keynote announcement to email list

Saturday night: speaker acceptance deadline

Saturday night: end of $240 registration

Wednesday: schedule announcement


(Worksprints are the first and third Saturday of the month, co-located with Calagator code sprints.)

Next worksprint is on the 2nd or 16th?

Media from the conference

We have quotes from three potential vendors.

Quote from Seamless:

   8550 equipment rental only
   19350 equpment + camera operator

Quote from Confreaks:

   15000 equipment + 6 staff

Eliot Center has added live-streaming capacity to the Sanctuary.

From Mike:

1) Camera Operator & Technical Director, Live switched with slides, Backup recording, Immediate upload/posting (this is how O'Reilly video is produced) $ 2,150 Day Rate per room ($ 12,900 a day for 6 rooms, $ 38,700 for 3 days)

2) Camera Operator, Zoom in/out on slides, Maintains good light & audio, No Backup recording, post production with graphics added, no more than 4 weeks after conference. $ 500 Day Rate per room ($ 3,000 a day for 6 rooms, $ 9,000 for 3 days)

Our Live Streaming keynote w/ sponsorship package is still $ 1,200 Day Rate per room.

Decision: we'll move forward with Confreaks for the session rooms, plus Brytcast recording and livestreaming the keynotes.

Fundraising / Sponsorship

Mozilla will sponsor at Citizen level, needs an invoice. Amy will remind them to send in the agreement.

Get more funders on the fundership!

Jonan is meeting with QuickLeft


We have 61 paid registrations [20 at $175, 20 at $195, 16 at $240, 4 regular, 1 student]. Free tickets: 4 organizers, 1 sponsor, 2 raffle winners, 32 community passes.

The $240 ticket price will end April 25th - still a good date?

historical: May 7, 2014: 78 paid registrations, 5 free April 24, 2013: 100 paid registrations, 2 free April 25, 2012: 48 paid registrations, 3 free April 27, 2011: 72 paid registrations, 3 free April 27, 2010: 62 paid registrations, 4 free


>>>>>>> We picked some. <<<<<<<

Some speakers need places to stay; we'd like to connect them with community members.



Christie and Amanda to connect tomorrow about recruiting logistics coordinators Reid will connect with Melissa about catering orders


We will have the Doubleclicks! They will bring their own sound equipment; will need to do a sound check before the concert.

(Possibility of collaboration with our organist? Geeeenius!)

TODO: Christie will work with Holli at the Eliot Center to determine what space we can use, whether we can bring in bartenders.


.•*°*•. TODO: Reid will coordinate with Chris to get a server set up for the volunteer app.

Anyone who needs volunteers should get their list of needs to Amanda ASAP.


See above re: logistics

Technology / Website

See above re: volunteer app

Marketing / Outreach

See above re: Keynote announcement email


Action Items

Next meetings:

Wednesday, April 29, at 6:15 pm at Mozilla.