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11 March 2015, 6pm PDT at Mozilla (with video & dial-in)


Christie, Reid, Amy, Jonan, Kirsten, Lauren

Note-keeper: Amy

(the note-keeper is responsible for moving notes to the Syndicate wiki after the meeting)


  • Schedule Check
  • Worksprints
  • Media from the conference
  • Fundraising
  • Registration
  • Content
  • Logistics
  • Volunteers
  • Technology/Website
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Action Items

Schedule check

TODO: Make a schedule so we can check it. (Christie)

CFP deadline is Saturday, March 14. We have 201, which is a good number at this point.

Christie started reaching out to individuals and discovered that tweeting at people is generally more effective than emailing. Also sent an email to the pdxgroups list.

TODO: remove block about proposals being open on 3/15 (Amy to do)

No registration deadlines in the next couple of weeks; no upcoming payment deadlines.


(Worksprints are the first and third Saturday of the month, co-located with Calagator code sprints.)

Next sprint is March 14 (rescheduled from March 7):

Reid plans to look at OCW at the sprint on the 14th. Could get people to review and comment on proposals. Write blog posts about keynotes.

Regarding UG outreach, we decided to update the "For Usergroups" page and periodically promote that page via social media. (As opposed to using the amazing but daunting spreadsheet.)

Media from the conference

No updates tonight.

Fundraising / Sponsorship

Jonan needs codes for sponsors to get their discounted tickets. Kirsten provided one to Jonan.

Sponsor agreement: is on the last page of the prospectus. People working with sponsors should get them to sign this; when they send the sponsor agreement back we can start listing them as a sponsor (e.g., logo on the site), and send them an invoice.

TODO: Reid to hand off Intel to Jonan.


We have 44 paid registrations [20 at $175, 20 at $195, 3 at $240, 1 student], 4 organizers, 22 community passes. This is about the same or ahead of where we've been in previous years.


Brainstormed a few more possible people for the content committee.

Reid described the schedule-building (times and locations for already-accepted proposals) process in some detail. There will be an opportunity to review and suggest changes.

Christie wants to be able to send a templated email to everyone who has proposed a talk. (Update them on the timeline, encourage them to promote their talk and get people to add comments or favorite the talks.)

TODO: Christie to create an issue in the OCW project requesting this email functionality.

Note on Visa Letters

TODO: Christie will file an issue on this.

Keynote Selection

Hey, this is done! Three keynoters have accepted and we have announced them all on twitter. We should also do blog posts!

TODO: blog posts at work sprint.

TODO: create placeholder proposals for the keynotes. Christie will ask the keynoters to do this and update their bios.


Dates Eliot Center is available for walkthrough:

March 10, 17, 18 or 19th

but none of these dates work well so Christie will ask for ones further out

TODO: Christie will check with Amanda on her availability.

TODO: Follow up with Melissa on catering.

Party Venue

Jonan is the party person. Nothing has happened yet.

Brainstorming gone wild on this one.

Insurance! (buzzkill). Christie will check on our status re: Eliot Center and insurance; Kirsten will create a github issue for this.

TODO: Reid will review the Stephouse order. Christie will create an issue or tag him on the existing one.

Kirsten reviewed it; it's good. Christie will sign and send.


Jonan volunteers to plan the hacker lounge, but not to be on staff for it. He will need 2-3 volunteers.

Core Team Recruiting

Christie, Reid, and Amanda will get together and work on this. (We assume Amanda is up for this.)

Technology / Website

Reid wants to make changes to the site but doesn't have time. Possibly he can tell Amy what he wants to do and maybe she can do it.


TODO: Christie to talk to JP about filing copyright.

Marketing / Outreach

Yay Lauren!

We'll schedule tweets about the proposals.

Focus on registrations when we've gotten through content selection.

Updated sticker artwork with rainbows

Publicizing the CfP

Christie continues to tweet to individuals. Lauren and Christie will schedule general tweets in Hootsuite.

Action Items

Next meetings:

In-person meeting (with video & dial-in) at Mozilla.