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Open Source Bridge 2015 Planning

7 August 2014 - via Vidyo video conference

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2015/Meetings/2014-07-28


Reid, Amy F, Kirsten, Mike G, Chris F

Note-keeper: Kirsten


  • If we want weekly meeting announcements, let's automate them.
  • Designate a note-keeper for each meeting who will:
    • Move notes from the etherpad to the Syndicate wiki
    • Update "last meeting notes" link at the top of the etherpad
    • Send out an email linking to the meeting notes


  • Reid will update prospectus within the week
  • If anyone else wants to help with fundraising, let Reid know
  • First round will be contacting everyone who has sponsored OSBridge over the past two years.
  • Mike suggested using crowdfunding for things other than the core conference costs, like a scholarship program or other extra activities


  • We signed the contract with the Eliot Center and paid initial deposit
  • Need to add the event to Calagator (Kirsten will do) DONE:
  • When do we open registration? Reid wants to review web site and re-work front page a bit before we announce.
  • Come up with a plan for announcement (Reid)

Volunteer Party

  • Date: Sunday, August 17
  • Time: 2-5 pm
  • Location: PDX Code Guild, 2626 SW Corbett Ave

Email will be sent out today to: current volunteer list, plus new interested volunteers submitted on webform.

   Volunteer Appreciation Party! Because you folks are awesome and we couldn't do it without you.
   Sunday, August 17th, 2-5pm.
   PDX Code Guild has been kind enough to host us, their offices are at 2626 SW Corbett Ave.
   There is free parking and you can easily get there on the __, __, and ___ busses.
   We'll have delicious snacks, plenty of beverages, swag, and a fun raffle. (You know you love a good raffle!)
   So come, hang out, get another chance to connect with other volunteers, and let us tell you (again) how much we appreciate you.
   Please RSVP by responding to this email so that we can buy enough food.
   See you on the 17th!

2014 Retrospective?

October? Everyone is busy and WhereCamp is in September.

Media from the conference

  • Compile highlight video for the website
    • We have keynotes and interviews for every year, talks from the last two years
    • If people have ideas about specific talk or speaker highlights, send them in
    • Could film some new material with attendee / organizer testimonials
      • Figure out what we want to say about the conference, its purpose, and its role in the conference ecosystem
      • Start outlining this in August
  • Audio from 2014
    • Raw audio from seamless is on s3
      • Last year
        • Reviewed all talks
        • Brought up quiet spots, trimmed beginning & endings
        • Ran through Levelator
        • Added ID3 Tags
      • This Year
        • Use audio from the video!
        • Add ID3 Tags
        • Document editing / tagging process:
          • Add bump to the beginning
          • Provide ways for people to give us feedback so we don't have to pre-listen to all the talks.
    • Release as podcast with auto-publishing
    • Post audio on
  • Video from 2014
    • Put together a stock intro for videos
      • Either slide or motion piece with VO
    • Cataloged 2014 video
    • Recataloged 2013 video
    • Priority is 2014 now, finish 2013 later
    • Want to plan a work party in August to master the OSB video from this year
      • Mike will put together a description of the event and come up with possible times
    • Add video embedding to talk pages on OCW:

Task Check