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Open Source Bridge - Meeting to discuss whether to run OS Bridge 2015

28 July 2014 - at Elemental

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2014/Meetings/2014-06-18


Christie, Reid, Amy F, Chris Freeman, Amanda, Kirsten, Melissa, Mike G (phone)


June 22-26, 2015 -- Eliot Center has penciled us in.

  • payment: we'll offer 25% now, 25% at the beginning of the year, and the rest 30 days before the conference
  • Christie will email Holli @ the Eliot Center

Things we need to go forward

  • better ability for remote participation (Elemental's phone system is not useable)
  • more meetings in the summer & fall
  • better announcements of meeting notes to enable lurkers to keep up
  • recruiting lead volunteers now
  • break out tasks better for volunteers before the conference
  • have a workflow for answering emails
  • talk about meeting time, maybe there's a better time/day to meet. During the day: lunch meetings. Make it better for east-coast volunteers. Maybe alternate times.
  • Perhaps all remote-attendance meetings
    • Side note: is there recording for video meetings? Useful for people to catch up later?
  • look into Lucid Meetings (software from Amy's company for meetings)

Volunteer Party

  • venue:
    • PDX Code Guild: free on weekends, many buses go near there. 2626 SW Corbett Ave
      • Comic Rocket is nearby, they have games maybe we can borrow
    • or a park? but picnic areas are probably reserved already
    • or New Relic, Jonan says we can use NR and they have games
  • assuming 40 people show up?
  • set up some sign-up to get an idea of number of attendees
  • Pambiche food
  • drinks left over from the conf. some snacks too.
  • mid-to-late August
  • budget is $500
  • last year:
    • Mt. Scott park
    • rollerskating
    • 20? ppl

Idea folder: For Bridge follow-up:

  • Send out email to sponsors thanking them, and maybe link to a flickr pool of photos from the conference showing how their money was spent?
  • Have a graph for prospectus of how we spend money and where funds go toward, so everyone has something they'll be interested in doing at the conference and party.
  • Add credit to the stickers for Open Source Fuck Yeah and Intersectional Feminism Fuck Yeah so we can sell them.
  • Syndicate: Regular membership, with renewals. Set up renewable sources for income.
  • Minimum viable product structure in place for membership and fundraising.
  • Update the Team page to include a description of what people do (including updating the names of division of roles).

Next meeting

  • Thursday August 7th at noon, remote meeting

Task Check