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Open Source Bridge 2014 Schedule DRAFT

for reference:

KEY: internal events




On-going: Recruit potential speakers. Ask to submit to CFP.

03 [Mon]: Open CFP
05 [Wed]: Join our planning team!
10 [Mon]: Invite Keynote Speakers
17 [Mon]: Begin Recruiting Content Committee
31 [Mon]: Finalize Content Committee
31 [Mon]: First Keynote Announcement (with info on CFP close and sponsorship opportunities)
31 [Mon]: Finalize dates for volunteer party and port-mortem.


03 [Thu]: Proposal work session at PDX hackathon
04 [Fri]: End $225 Registration
04 [Fri]: Close CFP (first)
07 [Mon]: Second Keynote Announcement (with Early Registration deadline and Townhall info if we have it)
11 [Fri]: Extended close CFP, if necessary (final)
11 [Fri]: Extended $225 registration, if extending CFP
14 [Mon]: Third, final Keynote Announcement
26 [Sat]: Content Committee Meeting
28 [Mon]: Scheduling
28 [Mon]: Talk acceptance and wait-list notifications


07 [Wed]: Schedule Announce

Remote Townhall?


23 [Mon]: Load-in, Setup, Volunteer Orientation
24 [Tue]: Conference Begins; keynote: Julie Pagano
25 [Wed]: Keynote: Lukas Blakk
26 [Thu]: Keynote: Terri Oda
27 [Fri]: Conference Ends, Load-out

Post-Conference Activities

  • post-mortem / retrospective

(we should aim to set target dates for these soon, so we don't put them off)

  • Wrap-up blog post, communications
  • Thank You letters sent to sponsors
  • Volunteer Appreciation Party