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Open Source Bridge Planning

16 April 2014 - at Elemental

Last meeting notes:


Amy, Melissa, Audrey, Reid, Kirsten, Bibiana from TriMet


  • Railroad heritage center!

raffle ideas:

Getting more planning people

  1. Contact people who volunteered and expressed interest in helping plan
  2. Promote specific things that need doing (some couple-hour tasks, some that involve coming to planning meetings and taking ownership of a task)
  3. profit

Idea: work session to identify and scope tasks.

titled roles

Idea: core committee stunt doubles

TriMet Open Developer Series - event in Hacker Lounge

  • open street map
  • open trip planner
  • all trimet developers will be there

Bibiana would like to do a 3 min presentation/ lightning talk - depending on how long, maybe add after a keynote?

  • also put announcement in daily email announcements

which night in hacker lounge? Wednesday 25th (Tues is usually opening reception, Thurs for party)

last session ends at 5:30, so we could have things started to be set up then. can kick off around 6pm, announcements at 7pm perhaps?

we'll have our usual food & beer

  • Kirsten can coordinate with trimet with invoices
  • sponsors will need logos posted asap
  • 3 sponsors: Trimet, init, tait


  • TODO: add community pass to Eventbrite
  • TODO: add TriMet event to community pass blurb on Eventbrite
  • trimet charged $5 at their last event, to get commitment, but that might be weird with our free community pass.
  • can we send people a link directly to the community pass ticket? to avoid confusion?

TriMet's website for the event will go up tomorrow (

How can we get TriMet passes for our attendees?

  • Bibiana said that some conferences go through the convention center (they probably have a contract with TriMet)
  • we'd have to pay for them, she can get us in touch

Schedule Check


see also Getting more planning people above

  • Better managing of tasks that need to be done
  • Logistics
    • Catering (possibly split between meals)
    • Tech Liaison on-site (to coordinate with Mike, Seamless, and Stephouse)
  • Volunteer Outreach (flyer distribution)
  • Volunteer Coordination (on-site)
  • Catering Planning
    • Assigning a day and getting agreement with lunch vendors
    • Getting quotes
    • All the cookies
    • Arranging morning and afternoon snacks
    • Summoning the doughnut truck
  • Tech Liaison
    • Check in with A/V, video, and WiFi vendors
    • Schedule setup and teardown times
    • Schedule any needed walkthroughs of the venue
  • Volunteer Outreach
    • Reach out, to the volunteers. To wit:
    • Post flyers at college campuses (or enlist volunteers to do this)
    • Distribute swag at user groups
    • Post about volunteer needs to mailing lists and other online stuffs.
    • Respond to volunteer form inquiries
  • Compticketeer-er
    • Wrangle the compticketeer
  • Print-experienced person to work on printing the programs


  • move-in and setup (mostly hacker lounge)
  • snacks for move-in crew
  • Tech and A/V
  • Catering

Things we need to do in the next month

(We have already contacted Seamless and Stephouse)

Catering: choose food vendors, come up with food orders.

  • los gorditos, veli thai, nicholas



Sumanah came up with a list of recommendations

Content committee

meeting April 26th at Mozilla or Elemental

TODO: change when we said notifications are going to be sent out (28th?)

  • tell people to comment
  • tell people about the date change


Sponsors! We have $38,000 currently pledged. (Last year for reference we had $55,000 in sponsorship)

Additional sponsorship opportunities - we want to have other items with prices that we can offer people.

  • total food & drink budget: $14,000
  • lunch: $9,200
  • bakeries: $1,400
  • donuts: $600
  • safeway, trader joes, cash & carry, etc: $2,600
  • Happy Hours: $1500-2500 is a good figure to ask sponsors for


  • we're thinking a party on the scale of when we had one at Refuge 2012
  • that cost $10,500 ($5,700 for Refuge, $3,800 for food, $1,000 raffle prizes)
  • (for reference the OMSI party cost $20,500)


  • A/V is $15,000: $12,000 for Seamless, $3,000 for brytCAST
  • Swag, printing, gifts, merchandise: $11,500
  • Stephouse $10,800
  • TriMet week passes? Tickets? For just volunteers?

Task Check


Next meeting: Wednesday 30th