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Open Source Bridge Planning

19 March 2014 at Mozilla PDX

Last meeting notes:


Melissa Josh Reid Christie Kirsten Amy F

Schedule Check

CFP is open!

Let's make the "join our team" post a general update. Reid and Christie will write this.



  • let's have a keynote brainstorm?
  • Christie will work on Keynoters and content. Reid will help.

Content committee

  • Christie and Reid will start inviting folks to join

CFP outreach

  • to specific speakers - Melissa will tweet to specific people
  • CFP outreach: in the past, we've contacted user groups and this hasn't happened yet this year.
    • Need to at least alert local user groups; Reid will draft email.
    • non-local user groups
  • Organize CFP workshop - Josh & Melissa ~ beginning of April
  • DONE - open cfp, blog post, twitter, mass email

Melissa is rounding up people to be on a data panel.


  • 20k committed sponsorship - Trimet/Metro and Intel (Hacker Lounge)
  • Intel sponsorship is in their system! I put in the invoice today so in theory we will be paid in 45 days (early May)! - Kirsten
  • Reid is taking point on fundraising this year so Christie can focus on content.
  • Want to explore ways to use crowd-funding.

Volunteers: The Gathering

  • Josh and Melissa have been getting the word out to universities.
  • Finding where to post flyers at PSU, who to talk to at other universities. FreeGeek has offered to print flyers for us.
  • Companies might do volunteer matching: Intel, IBM, Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Look at OPB's corporate matching list
  • Reid will try to make OSB an official volunteer event for Elemental employees.

Goals: hoping to get 60 volunteers (had 40 last year)

Task Check

Action items:

  • Sherri has contacted Seamless, Stephouse, and brytCAST about dates for this year.
  • Sherri will document what she worked on last year, so someone can take over Logistics


  • Set a date for the the keynote brainstorm. Christie will work on keynote ideas.
  • Schedule a CPF promotion event: Melissa, Reid & Kirsten will meet at Hackathon tomorrow & work on it.
  • Check in with Reid for what Christie, Melissa, & Kirsten worked on in CiviCRM
  • Christie & Reid: write general update (and help us!) blog post
  • Reid: email local user groups
  • Reid: send email to past sponsors encouraging them to repeat
  • Reid: find out whom to talk to at TriMet about getting passes
  • Melissa & Josh: add tracking to form to find out where people come from.
  • Melissa: check in with Mike to make sure he has everything he needs for video

Next meeting: April 2nd

Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?

Amy: potentially out of town June 16ish-23!