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Open Source Bridge Planning

26 February 2014 at Mozilla PDX

Retrospective 2013 meeting notes:


Kirsten Josh Melissa Reid Amy Christie

Schedule Check

Schedule looks good.

Steps to open CFP

everything should be updated on new server:

  • Do twitter things - Melissa
  • Verify email aliases go to the right people and work - Kirsten
  • Smoke test of new server - Reid + Amy
  • Verify WordPress caching setup - Reid
  • Point DNS at new server - Reid
  • Set up 2014 event in OCW on new server - Kirsten
  • Write / update CFP text for /call-for-proposals page and blog post on new server (draft: -Christie
  • Fix / test MyOpenID sign in issues - Reid
  • Publish blog post - Christie
  • Send email campaign - Christie
  • Update links on homepage sidebar - Kirsten
  • Write updated shared fragments with 2014 content - Reid
  • Upload new badges to new server - Reid
  • Update team page - Christie
  • Audit the rest of the "About Us" section - Amy

Fund-raising plan

  • CiviCRM is set up, but the data is still in many different places. Someone needs to dig the information up and put it in CiviCRM.
  • Melissa, Kirsten, and Christie will work on this Saturday.
  • High priorities include emailing Intel back.
  • Reid has imported HighRise data to CiviCRM; has a bit more to import.

Reid will dedicate some time to outreach after the CFP is opened.

Budget plans

  • Do we need to buy t-shirts this year? (no decision at this time)
  • Kirsten will contact New Seasons for potential free donations. Also Bushwhackers (cider).
  • We paid our deposit for the Eliot Center this week; we have very little runway.

Volunteers: The Gathering

So far:

  • Josh and Melissa have created a new form (with Audrey). New, in Wufoo. Sent it out to existing volunteer contact data. So far we have 6 volunteers from that, and 6 from last year.

The plan ahead:

  • Josh and Melissa will spread the word, especially at universities. Also some user groups.
  • Volunteer Pokeballs
  • Posters? Flyers? to post at Unis. Maybe business cards. Had 40 volunteers last year, goal is 50 this year. J&M are meeting every Wednesday and find this to be super-helpful.
  • Reid can update collateral.
  • Ubervolunteers?
    • Hacker room liaison, fundraiser*, logistics
  • Reach out to non-local people to become organizers. (Reid/Christie to blog/tweet)


  • TriMet Hackathon / Partnership / Thing
  • Travel Portland / TriMet pass outreach - Melissa will do
  • Bill DenBeste, raspberry pi workshop in Hacker Lounge
    • can we allow him to sell the raspberry pis? yes, that's fine, as long as they're not sold while we are serving beer.
    • Update: Bill wants to donate proceeds to us. He might be too busy this year to do this project, will let us know.
    • another option is to sell them at registration?
  • audio, video
    • Kirsten has done all audio but two.
    • Reid will make sure Mike knows dates for conference. Also see what he thinks about working with Coby from Confreaks.


  • Melissa: Contact Travel Portland to find out how they can support conference
  • Christie: Make sure Seamless has us on their calendar.
  • Kirsten: set up next meeting March 19th
  • Kirsten: copy these notes to wiki & set up github for keeping up-to-date list of TODO items. create an issue-only repo under osbridge (osbridge/planning). new issue tracking repo:
  • new IRC channel for core team

Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?

  • Amy: potentially out of town June 16ish-23!
  • Christie: 4-14 March