Open Source Bridge/2014/LastMinuteEmailReminders

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  • Event dates, location, start time
  • Keynote promo (to encourage people to be on time, or register if they haven't)
  • Schedule link
  • Tuesday night details
  • Wednesday night details
  • Party details, including how to attend if you don't have a conference pass
  • Other evening/hacker lounge/BoF info
  • Policy reminders
  • Unconference promo
  • Volunteering reminder (you still can sign up!)
  • Sponsor thank yous (can we make a cheat-sheet of which sponsors are at the level requiring promo in our emails, so we can cut & paste?)
  • Hashtag and other online content reminders

For speakers:

  • Schedule reminder, their session time/room
  • Speaker support info (where the lounge is, who to talk to about dongles, A/V help, recording concerns, etc.)
  • Include info on who to contact with questions

For volunteers:

  • Reminder on how to find their shifts
  • Reminder to sign up for full 8 hours (or more) to get pass
  • Open slots that really need filling?

For people who haven't registered yet:

  • Link to OMG last minute registration do it now

For sponsors:

  •  ??? anything they need specifically?

For media: