Open Source Bridge/2014/DailyNewsletter

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Outline for Daily Newsletter

  • Welcome (with weather forecast or other fun?)
  • Start time reminder
  • Keynote blurb
  • Schedule changes
  • Lunch info, breakfast reminder/info
  • Evening schedule, including
    • BoFs
    • Community Pass reminder
    • Receptions, parties, hacker lounge events
  • Quiet room location
  • Citizenship Award nominations - link to submission form
  • Lost & found
  • Hashtags
  • Fun and safety reminders (CoC, how to spot a volunteer, recording policy) Fragrance policy?
  • Volunteers still needed
  • Sponsor thank you blurb ("Open Source Bridge is sponsored by ..., ..., and others. Thanks!")
  • OHs and other silliness
  • Occasionally also:
    • Massage times
    • Next year registration reminder
    • End of event survey reminder

Sent Newsletters