Open Source Bridge/2013/Sign List

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8.5 x 11

  • ADA Entrance Signage
  • List of contacts for Hacker Lounge
  • List of contacts for Volunteer Area
  • Large format sponsor poster?
  • Daily evening schedule (BoFs, parties etc) for posting at registration desk
  • Session/speaker reference wall
  • Map to OMSI party
  • Maps w/directional info on each floor by stairway (including restrooms?)
  • Daily schedule for posting outside of each room (8.5 x 11 portrait) — have design done but need content filling
  • Hacker Lounge w/Intel logo
  • Media Room (the fish bowl)
  • Volunteer Lounge (portrait, for room insert)
  • Quiet Room (portrait, for room insert)
  • Sanctuary
  • Storage
  • Speaker Lounge
  • Food labels (vegan, GF items)
  • No smoking in the courtyard
  • Please keep door closed
  • For above elevator buttons, sign that says which side to press for which area of conference. ✓

5 x 8 B/W to print on-site

  • Hacker Lounge Table Signs

11 x 17 or larger to print in advance

  • Hacker Lounge w/Intel logo
  • Sanctuary
  • Entrance