Open Source Bridge/2013/Setup Tasks

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Open Source Bridge Tasks for Setup, June 17 2013


  • Loading in Equipment from Truck
  • Putting pieces where they are necessary


  • Run Cables and Power Strips
  • Drop Banners
  • Get Pens and Pencils setup for each area
  • Get Registration Desk setup

Setting Up Hacker Lounge

  • Setup IKEA Furniture
  • Vacuum IKEA Furniture
  • Run Cables and Power Strips
  • Move tables where they are necessary
  • Table Cloths for Hacker Lounge (my red fabrics?)
  • Suggestion: Setup Popups for outside area (wishful thinking for a sunshade outside)

Setup Volunteer Lounge

  • Organize Tables
  • Setup White Board
  • Run Cables and Power Strips
  • Get cards in order for Each Session Room
  • Markers for Session Rooms
  • Tape necessities

Session Rooms

  • Place Projectors
  • Place Chairs
  • Check-in with Seamless


  • Welcome Sign
  • Front Door, Arrow Signs, help around the Eliot Center
  • Massage Sign
  • Quiet Room
  • Speaker Lounge
  • Volunteer Lounge
  • Session Rooms
  • ADA Door
  • HackerLounge


  • Drills
  • Vacuum Cleaner