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Party at OMSI planning

Blurb for the prospectus

To commemmorate the 5th year of Open Source Bridge in Portland, we'll be throwing a party for speakers, attendees, guests and sponsors at OMSI. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate open source technology than to inspire conference goers with a night of exploring Oregon's premiere science and industry museum.

With a custom menu and free reign throughout main sections of the museum (**wording is eh here; mention Planetarium?**), guests will experience a more intimate version of OMSI, and we'll of course have some open source tweaks to add to the festivities. (Add?: We'll be hacking NOAA data from the Earth Hall's projected globe and mapping some of the geological inhabitants of the Hall as well.)

Party at OMSI details

  • Guests: 350 (2012 party attendance: ~285)


  • Theory (Bon Appetit) catering: $10,500 (30/head)
  • Heavy appetizers/tapas and dessert, they are developing a custom menu for us
  • No Host Bar (we probably cannot afford to host a bar, even beer/wine)


  • we're being given a 20% discount as a not-for-profit org
  • OMSI will offer discount coupons for the Mummies attraction being featured in June. Adding access to this attraction would more than double our space cost as OMSI must pay the curator/owner of the exhibit per person that sees it and has some specific staffing requirements.
  • Earth Hall, Theory, Courtyard: $4960
  • Earth Hall, Theory, Courtyard, Turbine Hall: $7360
  • Added Attractions:
    • 3-Hours Submarine Tours $450 per hour = $1,350
    • Omnimax Theater $900 per show
    • Planetarium Theater $650 per show
      • Revised note from OMSI regarding Planetarium:
      • 3-Private Planetarium Shows @ $650 each (discounted from $1,200 each) = $1,950
      • Private Planetarium shows range from 25-45 minutes in length and you can choose from any show in our library (we have a catalog of shows to pick from)
      • Capacity 195 per show
  • They can project sponsor logos and our logo in various places around the spaces we use.

Our plan

  • Turn the Earth Hall into an open, quieter space for conversations and board games (we'll encourage local folks to bring them and share). Melissa also had an idea about some kind of geography based game to map out where all the mineral samples come from. We also will have access to the big earth globe, which will display sponsor logos, our logo, "happy anniversary", as well as the NOAA data it normally does (might we able interact with this in a cross-promotion in the Hacker Lounge on Tuesday night?)
  • In Theory we'll feature food, drinks, and Open Source DDR (someone please put correct name in here)
  • Courtyard open for mingling, perhaps we could have some kind of thing like bottle rockets or the like, and possibly a band, circus, fire....