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  • Kevin
  • Amy
  • Reid
  • Kirsten

via G+ Hangout


  • Identify maintenance tasks (e.g. are we vulnerable to rails arbitrary code execution exploits?)
  • review and prioritize new features
  • put dates on the things that need dates (i.e. they're tied to our timeline)
  • Identify prereq skills for above tasks (deep knowledge of OCW & admin access or newbie-friendly?)
  • schedule work times (either internal work party or public hackathon)


  • openconferenceware
  • etherpad


Kirsten reports that we are not vulnerable to the XML parsing vulnerability because we have turned that off. We are on Rails 2.1.2, tricky to update for some lesser known vulnerabilities.

Openconferenceware features wanted (from Reid's memory; many of these are captured in GitHub issues):

  • rework layout for mobile devices
  • Get up to date with current version of Rails
  • Replace aging authentication system
  • Adding proposal start date

OCW Upgrade path:

  • Rails 2.3
  • test auth system
  • Upgrade to Rails 3 (with auth tests still passing)

Nice-to-haves: (there were some, they must be on an etherpad somewhere)

  • improving session note-taking, perhaps with etherpad lite.

Want to upgrade to modern etherpad. May install on Stumptown Syndicate domain and use that.


The main issue with Network Redux was that their virtualization doesn't let you enable swap, which has only made things tricky when we need to compile something. It works fine in our normal operations. Don't think we want to take on a change now. (per Reid)

Auxiliary projects/code

Android app -- reads our JSON and displays schedule. We sort of adopted it. It may not need an update. Recommend looking at the URLs it uses and including tests in OCW to ensure they remain stable.

Notes from Nov 2011 tech meeting

The last tech meeting we had was in Nov 2011. Notes are here:

updates since then:

1. We are still on Network Redux.

1a. Audio files are now getting hosted on S3. The 2011 files are there, we can move previous year files there too.

2. OCW:

  • "Notify to speakers" and "Confirm/decline by speakers"- these features were added in 2012, there is still some cleanup I (Kirsten) could do on that.
  • "Add fields to the proposal model" - done in 2012
  • Not done AFAIK:
    • BrowserId
    • Figure out how to make schedule full-width
    • Figure out how to improve the Favorites UI

3. Wiki: Done in 2012 - Igal consolidated all the individual wikis to one instance of MediaWiki.

4. Etherpad upgrade: not done yet

Action Items

  • Update osbridge fork of OpenConferenceWare to igal's (we are currently running from igal's):

  • Upgrade to Rails (multiple steps) to 3.x