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Technology meeting

Nov 4, 2011

Attending: Reid, Igal, Christie, Kirsten

1. New webserver hosting

Possibly need a CDN too


  • 2 machines at Network Redux
  • 2 because it takes them so long to set things up for us, we don't really need 2.
  • 1 GB is plenty realistically.
  • we don't need dedicated hardware

Backups currently: to four places: Igal's home

1a. Audio files are huge

  • 120 GB/month is usual bandwidth usage
  • 30 GB/month without audio
  • also 10 GB of disk usage is taken up by audio, plus 6 GB Igal has at home.
  • Moving these files off gives us more flexibility for the rest of the files.
  • Amazon S3 would be good alternative.
    • easy to create bucket, fill with files, and create a torrent (so we don't have to publish the torrent).
    • really cheap

Internet Archive publishes public domain content for free, and have encouraged us to use them.

  • What is their availability like?
  • they may already be using S3
  • we can put our content here as well as using S3

1b. Rackspace vs Linode

Hosting prices:

  • Linode 1024: 1GB RAM, 40GB disk, 400GB bandwidth, $40/month
  • Linode 1536: 1.5GB RAM, 60GB, 600GB bandwidth, $60/month
  • Rackspace: 1GB RAM, 40GB disk, 30GB bandwidth, $50/month
  • Rackspace: 1GB RAM, 40GB disk, 200GB bandwidth, $80/month
  • Rackspace: 2GB RAM, 80GB disk, 200GB bandwidth, $124/month

Rackspace downside:

  • Rackspace control panel is not granular, Linode is a little more granular. But the number of people we grant access to is very small.
  • Linode bar is much higher because they have more options.

Rackspace benefits:

  • We are already setup with Rackspace for Stumptown Syndicate.
  • They provision servers almost immediately.
  • Rollback is pretty easy.

Rackspace Cloudfiles? (their CDN). Is it worth considering?

  • Christie remembers there were issues with Cloudfiles at ShopIgniter.
  • Better to not have all eggs in one basket.

How soon do we want to switch? December. (Want to do it before we open CFP, which is January 17th.)


  • Christie set up a Rackspace account. The root password is in the Stumptown secrets file.


  • Christie: setup S3 and grant access to Igal
  • Igal: transfer audio to Stumptown's S3
  • Igal: setup new server
  • Igal: give additional information for other passwords and such

2. OCW


  • Notify speakers:
    • Set the state, e.g. accepted/rejected/wait-listed
    • Click "notify" which opens a form that uses the associated template for that state, e.g. accepted, and lets the person sending alter the canned subject and body
    • The resulting message is recorded and a state is set, e.g. accepted-notified
    • Confirm/decline by speakers: Person can click link in template to accept/decline from a form that also allows them to leave a comment.
  • Add fields to the proposal model:
    • DONE: Intended audience level, e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced, as radio buttons, with bold word and a label explaining.
    • DONE: Speaker experience: textarea field where we ask person to tell us about past speaking experiences, conferences, links to slides, videos, audio. Publicly visible.
    • DONE: Agreement checkbox: expand current to include code of conduct, recording, etc.
    • New text? "By submitting this proposal, I agree to follow EVENT's code of conduct (link) and recording policy (link)."
    • CURRENT TEXT: I understand that my talk may be recorded and posted online for the whole world to see. I understand that Open Source Bridge is not the appropriate place for commercial promotion ("spam") of a product, service or solution and this not welcomed by the audience.
    • UPDATED: I have reviewed and agree to the recording policy (link) and code of conduct ( I understand that Open Source Bridge is not the appropriate place for commercial promotion ("spam") of a product, service or solution and this not welcomed by the audience.
    • "my presentation is noisy" field? not so much an issue anymore. (we'll keep it, may still be useful)
  • Figure out how to make schedule full-width
  • Figure out how to improve the Favorites UI
  • Christie wants to add Browser ID to OCW.
    • Basically it's Open ID in the browser.
    • Reid & Igal say - If we replace the authentication system, which we want to do eventually, we can add it, but we don't want to touch the authentication code before that. They'll research.

Later: Reid wants to refresh the visual design, do some work on the views. Allow the screen to be wider, for example the schedule. Needs to think about it more.

3. Wiki


  • Reid: start research into consolidating MediaWiki.
  • Igal: explore subpages as way to consolidate, and rewrite rules to transform old URLs to new form. E.g. old 2011 wiki's "Hacker Lounge" page is "/2011/wiki/Hacker_Lounge", and would become new consolidated wiki's "2011/Hacker Lounge" page at "/wiki/2011//Hacker_Lounge".
  • We have separate instances of MediaWiki for each year. If we had one instance, all links to say "hacker lounge" would have to have the year as part of the link.
  • Consolidating may still be the right thing to do. We may just not know the best technical way to do this. MediaWiki does amazing things. Otherwise we just need to prefix all the existing links.
  • We can try out consolidating all the wikis in a sandbox version of MediaWiki on the new server.
  • Subpages

4. EtherPad


  • Igal: Upgrade to version with tags, search, etc.