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Open Source Bridge Planning

12 June 2013

G+ Hangout

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2013/Meetings/2013-06-05


Reid, Jacob, Josh, Craig, Kurt, Amy, Sherri, Audrey, Ben, Melissa, Christie

Schedule Check

Need to add to schedule:

  • Date of post-mortem — June 26, 7pm
  • Date of Volunteer Appreciation Event — August 3, Mt. Scott Roller Rink Maybe

Aaaaaaaa! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)


  • $54K committed
  • At last, Atlassian! Citizen level!
  • Also received sponsorship commitment from Multnomah County today, Janrain Monday!

Who's pending?

  • Audrey: SAO (TAO) ??;
  • Christie: ActiveState, Couchbase, Discogs, Edgelink, Emma, Gilt, OSU OSL, Yahoo;
  • Kurt: AppFog, eBay, Facebook, Hurricane Electric, iovation (said 'no' but may change), Mercy Corps, Survey Monkey;
  • Kristin: Meyer Foundation, XPLANE;
  • Craig: Amazon, Basho, Cloudant, IBM, Jive, Linkedin, Nike, OTBC, PayPal, PIE, Rackspace, RedHat, Travel Command, Tropo (Voxeo)


  • we are doing OK on budget, now that more $ has come in today. ~$3000 ahead.
  • removed $1000 for party raffle prizes - do we add back in? -- wait until Monday & if we still have money, make an Amazon prime order
  • party band?

Need to add to budget: errand runner, $20/hr for 2-3 hours/day, 3 days

Remind sponsors to register!


  • 272 people are registered (includes 107 free + 5 community passes)


  • All sponsors emailed: 13 tickets so far, 5 yet to register. 18 passes not claimed yet
  • Volunteers: 22 tickets, 6 yet to register
  • Speakers: 96 tickets, 17 yet to register
  • Raffle tickets: 10 tickets, 5 yet to register
  • Media
  • PSU pre-paid passes: got emails for them today, sent passes, 7 left to register. 3 remaining passes unclaimed, as 2 paid-for students are also speakers, and 1 now can't attend.

Kirsten: make plans for selling things at registration

  • get petty cash from bank
  • 51¢ for party attendees? get enough rolls of quarters & pennies to do that
  • also make plans for tracking party attendance: clickers?
  • and make sure badges all ready to print

Content / Speakers

waitlisted speakers ?

speaker email with info they need to know - Friday, Midday

Need to add extra sessions to OCW:


Mashup of Calagator + Meetup events to promote at is here:

Media contact list:


Social media volunteers

Have ~45-50 volunteers.

Do the session chair and session runner job descriptions match what Christie and Melissa expect?

We can send a volunteer reminder email through MailChimp. Based on last year's text?


Eliot Center Walkthrough:

  • Friday 4pm (probably, Sherri will confirm with Holli)
  • Need to confirm Intel sign space

Supply shopping list?

WE NEED BEERS: 2 pony kegs at most. We can spend ~$150.

  • Jimmy didn't hear back from Ninkasi.
  • Josh will call Hopworks
  • Reid will call Cider places, no more than 1 pony keg.
  • Sherri will otherwise call Bridgeport
  • John's Market are assholes and might be evil

We have an organist!

  • Kirsten will email organ music requests to organist, particularly keynoters. Email keynoters first.
  • Kirsten will email food requests to Sherri, other special requests to core team

We will label spice levels this year, GF, soy free, and dairy options (color code!)

Tue & Wed 5:30-9pm Happy Hour

  • Tues, Los Gorditos
  • Weds, Nicholas
  • Thurs, Veli Thai

Sherri working on -

  • pastries, Voodoo
  • Still working on New Seasons, Safeway (we might still have credit with Safeway)
  • soda donations


  • 201 - volunteers
  • 202 - storage
  • 203 - speakers room
  • 204 - we also have for something.
  • also quiet room
  • also massage room = what we used for speaker room last year.
  • fishbowl room - media
  • staff quiet room downstairs with couches


Is there a band we can get? Melissa emailed the list to try to find one.

  • Where? Entryway outside of Theory (dining hall)

What can we do to announce/promote the party to get attendees excited about it?

We need to decide on the party ticket price. Should cover catering overhead per person? $25-30? 29 party tickets sold last year. $20 - decided on.

Pick some planetarium shows.

We will scour the community for board games. -- who is coordinating, Jacob? Apparently!

  • Matt Wickline? Josh sent a message. Jacob will text.
  • Jacob
  • Jacob had other people in mind as well

Raffle - see finance, above.

Citizenship award: given out at the party.

  • Reid is figuring out what the award will be. Talking to Nate, maybe Jacob.

Hacker Lounge

  • Lego ordered!
  • Community night / open house / reception / that thing we did on the first night last year?
  • Communications team needs a list of hacker lounge activities and groups that are scheduled, so we can promote it.
  • Added some HL events to the 2013 wiki, adding scheduled events to schedule as they are confirmed.
  • Got added to HL email alias and responded to all suggestions that were forwarded to me from before I was on the alias. PRUG, Firefox OS (phone), EoP
  • Bill Den Beste will run two hardware events, "a tour of electronics" and "LED primer and Q&A" and will be generally available with a pile of parts to help people understand multistable oscillators.
  • Contact openhatch (Asheesh) about Tuesday event (Kurt)


We ordered sewing kits, lanyards.

  • Pint glasses are here! (well, they're at the swag store, ready to be picked up)
  • Water bottles will be at the swag store on Friday!
  • Sewing Kits will be at Reid's house on Monday!

Reid created the program!

Communication Needed

Audrey will also create draft outlines for daily newsletter emails (T-F of the conference)

  • Send one Monday too?


for entertainment: and

TODOS from last meetings

  • get state of OR logo
  • Kirsten: fix up Intel invoice
  • Kirsten: write checks for Seamless, Stephouse deposits
  • Reid will contact some waitlisted speakers tonight or tomorrow.
  • Melissa and Audrey will invite media people via compticketeer
  • Melissa will start a party blog post
  • Need to fill openings in schedule - Reid will be finalizing this soon.
    • Michael Ossmann open hardware talk
    • Thoughtworks person's talk: Jeff Wishnie
  • Reid working on online ads
  • Audrey will follow up on Linked In group spamming/outreach
  • Start scheduling Hacker Lounge activities
  • blog post about BoF scheduling
  • Get quote(s) from mover(s), arrange move (Kurt)
  • Send Kurt intros to people with hacker lounge ideas (Christie)
  • keep sending reminders to pdx-groups
  • Reid will send around swag email and make it happen.
  • Kirsten: Need to send sponsor, speaker, media, raffle, volunteer registrations -- started.
  • christie and kirsten will coordinate speaker registration email text
  • Initiate sponsorship request with StickerGiant (Christie)
  • Reid: order large batches of Lego on eBay (or wholesale) for the hacker lounge
  • Reid will connect Kurt with Bill Den Beste
  • Design Work
    • Business card printing
    • Outreach promotion
  • Kirsten: look into removing old Redmine.
  • Kirsten: document tech info on Syndicate wiki
  • Reid: contact Rick about getting domain transferred


  • Josh to call Mt Scott Roller Skating Rink
  • Reid — add brytCAST logo to sponsors
  • Reid — call storage unit to confirm move-in