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Open Source Bridge Planning

5 June 2013

Elemental offices, G+ Hangout

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2013/Meetings/2013-05-29


Audrey, Reid, Melissa, Josh, Kurt, Ben, Jacob, Kirsten, Amy, Craig, Sherri

Schedule Check

Aaaaaaaa! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)


  • 156 people are registered (includes 12 free)
  • $50K committed
  • Kirsten has started contacting sponsors to find out who to send free passes to. Some free passes have been sent.

Here's a summary status from the "Super funnel" 6/5 10am from Craig: declined (24), pending (41), pledged (15), NA (29), ?? (25) Who's pending? Audrey: SAO (TAO) ??; Christie: ActiveState, Couchbase, Discogs, Edgelink, Emma, Gilt, OSU OSL, Yahoo; Kurt: Adobe, AppFog, eBay, Facebook, Flightstats, Hurricane Electric, iovation, Mercy Corps, Survey Monkey, TenX; Kristin: Meyer Foundation, XPLANE; Craig: Amazon, Atlassian, Basho, Cloudant, GemTalk, IBM, Janrain, Jive, Linkedin, Nike, OTBC, PayPal, PIE, Rackspace, RedHat, Thoughtbot, Travel Command, Tropo (Voxeo)

Content / Speakers

Reid will contact some waitlisted speakers tonight or tomorrow.


Mashup of Calagator + Meetup events to promote at is here:

Reid working on online ads

Audrey will follow up on Linked In group spamming/outreach

Media contact list:

Is this ready for us to start sending out passes? -AE A: Melissa says, "Yes!"


Volunteers are signing up for shifts using new app.

  • Volunteer app updates:

CodeSchool might have volunteers to throw at us


Kirsten to write checks for deposits - is it time? Are these correct numbers?

  • Seamless, half their estimate of $12,280.00 --- $6,140
  • Stephouse, quote is $10,800, deposit would be $5,400.

What is resolution of Seamless projectors? -- Seamless says: 1024x768

Do we have a supply shopping list?


Can we hire Jimmy's band? - we've asked them and as far as we know they're free that day, but might be too busy that week.

Is there another band we can get?

What can we do to announce/promote the party to get attendees excited about it? - Melissa will start a blog post

We need to decide on the party ticket price. Should cover catering overhead per person. $25-30?

We will scour the community for board games.

  • Matt Wickline?
  • Jacob
  • Jacob had other people in mind as well

Give each attendee 51¢ for souvenir pennies. will need to visit a bank.

Hacker Lounge

Waiting for another quote for moving furniture

Is there a budget for snacks/drinks? Was that the Safeway and/or Fred Meyer purchases last year? I have included those in the budget, $2,500 - Kirsten. (Food: wraps, veggies, ??)

Are there constraints on hours? Open until 10 TW, 8 Th

Maybe we can fix the OMSI globe software? "science on a sphere"


We ordered t-shirts and stickers, pint glasses, water bottles

  • will order sewing kits
  • need to order lanyards!
  • Need to order lanyards.
  • (and create the program. what section does that go in?)


Kirsten started sending comp tickets out. Everyone here should have gotten a link to register (unless they already bought a ticket).

TODOS from last meetings

  • Kirsten: write check for Eliot Center deposit needs signature, to be mailed
  • Contact remaining waitlisted speakers (Reid)
  • Need to fill openings in schedule - Reid will be finalizing this soon.
    • Michael Ossmann open hardware talk
    • Thoughtworks person's talk
  • Get quote(s) from mover(s), arrange move (Kurt)
  • Send Kurt intros to people with hacker lounge ideas (Christie)
  • Reid will send around swag email and make it happen.
  • Kirsten: Finish setting up compticketeer for this year
  • Kirsten: Need to send sponsor, speaker, media, raffle, volunteer registrations -- started.
  • christie and kirsten will coordinate speaker registration email text
  • Initiate sponsorship request with StickerGiant (Christie)
  • Reid: order large batches of Lego on eBay (or wholesale) for the hacker lounge
  • keep sending reminders to pdx-groups
  • Start scheduling Hacker Lounge activities
  • blog post about BoF scheduling
  • Reid will connect Kurt with Bill Den Beste
  • Design Work
    • Business card printing
    • Outreach promotion
  • Kirsten: look into removing old Redmine.
  • Kirsten: document tech info on Syndicate wiki
  • Reid: contact Rick about getting domain transferred


  • get state of OR logo
  • fix up Intel invoice
  • Reid will contact some waitlisted speakers tonight or tomorrow.
  • Melissa and Audrey will invite media people via compticketeer

Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?

  • Shepherd - June 7-10
  • Christie - June ~6-10 or so (AdaCamp plus working in Mozilla HQ)
  • Audrey - June 7-9