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Open Source Bridge Planning

22 May 2013

G+ Hangout

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2013/Meetings/2013-05-15


Kurt, Melissa, Kirsten, Jacob, Christie, Amy, Sherri, Reid, Audrey, Josh

Opening and Announcements

  • Shiny new 5-year graphics on website!

Schedule Check


  • 115 people are registered
  • $48K committed

Kirsten to invoice - AFAIK I am waiting on signed prospectuses for these

  • Galois << they didn't need an invoice, they are cutting a check -- PAID!
  • Atlassian
  • Google << We have the PO, don't wait for prospectus
  • Sauce Labs
  • Appcelerator? << Craig note 20130522 10pm: Appcelerator definitive 'no' today.

Adobe says no; too late in budget cycle. I put the contact for open source sponsorship in the funnel spreadsheet. Will add to highrise.

Pitching FlightStats tomorrow (Kurt)

Kirsten to write checks

  • Eliot Center deposit

Content / Speakers

  • Need to fill openings
  • need to send speaker reg emails + referral codes
  • Affiliate eventbrite codes - Reid looked into, doesn't seem worth it to do this year for speakers
  • Reid created code for speakers to give out, $50 off.


Mashup of Calagator + Meetup events to promote at is here:

Tweets of talks are scheduled and going out.

Happy Hour

Scheduled for May 31:


  • Volunteer app updates:


We don't have the A-wing on the first floor (was volunteer room, quiet room, etc. last year). Have been offered the Channing room instead, 2A wing (smaller than 1A, but workable). Have Fuller Hall for lunch but can't use the kitchen in Fuller Hall. We *can* use the kitchen in the Buchan side, but caterers ideally need to be prepared to serve in Fuller Hall.

Idea: what if we don't offer lunch and have field trips to carts, etc., instead? Would need to tell people early and often. Could also offer lunch on 1st & 3rd days, or something like that? Skip one day and stick with two caterers that we know come ready to serve and are in our budget (e.g., Nicholas & Los Gorditos)


  • Reid and Audrey toured OMSI spaces today, came up with banner plan
  • Confirmed that parking will be free for our attendees.

Hacker Lounge

What size truck do we need to haul the furniture? Is 2 hours enough? Sounds like 2 hours was enough last year.

Plan on dusting/vacuuming.

Reid called storage unit, they have a 10x15 unit reserved for us to move into on the 17th

How much space will the Legos require? How are those getting to the venue?

Proposed activities:

  • PDP assembly
  • Dorkboard construction
  • Bug sprints
  • Doc sprints
  • Code sprints
  • IPv6 certification from
  • Lego Pile
  • Elevation of Priv game (Leigh Honeywell)
  • Bugzilla sprint; need intro

Whiteboard to facilitate group activities - We have a two whiteboards for the Hacker Lounge, one as a job board

Still looking for a lock picking leader (instructor)



pint glasses

  • Picked up a catalog from OSI, their vendor seems to use the same blanks as Pinacle (same item numbers) -
    • It seems like ordering through OSI may be cheaper, as Pinacle inflates the prices for smaller quantities

speaker gift

sewing kits!!! 8<

coasters (syndicate)

  • These run $0.20 to $0.45 depending on quantity. Prices are realtively consistent between vendors and lead times seem reasonable.

volunteer patch

  • I need to track down the vendor we used for these last year, or find a better one…


  • design inbound


  • Looked at OMSI space today, have a basic banner plan for them

Citizenship Awards

  • Working with Nate on some ideas for these. circuit boards


BoF scheduling is open

TODOS from last meetings

  • Set-up walk-through at OMSI, particularly for Reid
  • Reid will send around swag email and make it happen.
  • Reid: should ask storage unit about availability for a larger unit
  • Kirsten: Finish setting up compticketeer for this year
  • Kirsten: Need to send sponsor, speaker, media registrations
  • christie and kirsten will coordinate speaker registration email text
  • reid to look into EB affiliate program so we can include discount codes in speaker emails
  • Schedule Oregon Screen Print visit (Reid)
  • Reid and Audrey to look at t-shirts THIS WEEK.
  • Initiate sponsorship request with StickerGiant (Christie)
  • Reid: order large batches of Lego on eBay (or wholesale) for the hacker lounge
  • keep sending reminders to pdx-groups
  • enable BoF/HL scheduling
  • Start scheduling BoFs and Hacker Lounge activities
  • blog post about BoF scheduling
  • Reid will connect Kurt with Bill Den Beste
  • Design Work
    • Business card printing
    • Outreach promotion
  • Kirsten: look into removing old Redmine.
  • Kirsten: document tech info on Syndicate wiki
  • Reid: contact Rick about getting domain transferred


  • Contact remaining waitlisted speakers (Reid)
  • Get quote(s) from mover(s), arrange move (Kurt)
  • Send Kurt intros to people with hacker lounge ideas (Christie)

Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?

  • Shepherd - June 7-10
  • Craig - May 17-22
  • Christie - June ~6-10 or so (AdaCamp plus working in Mozilla HQ)
  • Audrey - June 7-9
  • Amy - June 7-9