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Open Source Bridge Planning

17 April 2013

G+ Hangout

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2013/Meetings/2013-04-03


Audrey, Ben, Christie, Craig, Jacob, Josh, Kirsten, Melissa, Reid, Shepherd, Kurt

Schedule Check

Selection committee met 4/6.

  • Talks selected! Reid scheduled talks!
  • Schedule announcement pushed back a week.

Early bird closed 4/3

Keynote speakers: 3 contacted, 3 confirmed: Skud, James Vasile, Ashe.

  • Skud, James announced; Ashe to be announced Thursday or Monday


  • Sponsorship committee met 4/12, will meet again on Friday 4/19
  • Two new sponsors committed.
  • Reid will follow up with Intel tonight
  • Kurt started a conversation with Canonical today << yay!
  • Next meeting set for Friday 4/19

100 people are registered. Twice as many as last year this time.


Town Hall Update - reschedule later, maybe May 8th. Melissa will look into venues.

We need to contact local user groups, then target specific groups elsewhere.

Mashup of Calagator + Meetup events to promote at is here:


  • Reach out to Mike Rogoway? or Business Journal? Pam Abrahamson?
  • Pam has reviewed the fact sheet and says that would be a great icebreaker with Mike Rogoway, Kurt will follow up on next steps. She also suggested sending the same thing to Rick Turoczy.
  • How to pitch it? Business-oriented angle
  • Invite press contacts now! (Not last-minute) After speakers are confirmed!


  • contact ACM at PSU -
  • PNCA classes on hardware
  • Clark College in Vancouver
  • Ask Teri about outreach at Reed College


Have requested quote from Seamless and ensured we're on their event calendar. We can review quote, perhaps next week, to see if there's any changes we want to make. We talked after conference last year about possibly keeping extension cords in hacker lounge through Friday. Or alternative plan of providing more of our own?

  • We should have more than enough of our own extension cords.
    • Yes, let's add a note to our load-in tasks to have them in a labeled box, ready to put out.

Also have got the ball rolling with Stephouse. My assumption is that we'll want the same as last year (no wi-fi during load-in, wi-fi through load-out on Friday late afternoon).

Catering Logistics

Lunch 2 days, instead of 3, with a "go eat at the carts" day? Money toward party, could be same day as party. Lunch: Vele Thai? Los Gorditos?


  • Glass pint glasses for everyone, metal "glasses" for speakers, new stickers
  • T-shirts! (Christie will schedule a field trip, Reid and Audrey will attend)
  • Massive quantities of LEGO

Hacker Lounge

  • Kurt is looking into a lot of ideas. He met with John to talk about how things were arranged last year.
  • Find APIs we can hack on.
  • Alterative ways to do lockpicking without TOOOL (we can't sign their rider).

TODOS from last meetings

  • Christie and Melissa: brainstorm re: blog posts, executing promotional strategy.
  • Town Hall Meeting Rescheduling [do we still need this?]
  • Rent Lucky Lab space for town hall (Melissa, Shepherd) Ask SE first, 7pm start time, rent from 6-9pm *We need to pick a new date for this*
  • Review text template for emailing accepted speakers
  • Merge notes on sponsorship process and post on wiki (Christie, Kirsten)

  • Put together a Google Doc spreadsheet for user group outreach (Craig)
  • Schedule Oregon Screen Print visit (Christie)
  • Initiate sponsorship request with StickerGiant (Christie)
  • Reid: order large batches of Lego on eBay (or wholesale) for the hacker lounge
  • Future Work Sprints
  • Design Work
    • Business card printing
    • Outreach promotion
  • Kirsten: look into removing old Redmine.
  • Kirsten: document tech info on Syndicate wiki
  • Reid: contact Rick about getting domain transferred


  • Send notice to pdxgroups about user group discount and 1 raffle ticket per group.
  • Jacob: will check if we can meet in person at Elemental next week.
  • Kirsten: fix google hangout link in calendar invite

Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?

  • Melissa — first week in June
  • Jacob - May 3rd-5th (possibly earlier)
  • Audrey - May 1-3