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Open Source Bridge Planning

27 March 2013

G+ Hangout

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2013/Meetings/2013-03-20


Reid, Kirsten, Jacob, Christie, Amy, Audrey, Shepherd


  • Schedule check HAHAHA
  • CFP
  • Sponsorship
  • Outreach
  • Media
  • Party
  • Updates

Schedule Check

Announce CFP closed now, announce keynotes. Get this out by tomorrow, b/c early-bird ends 3/31 (Sunday).

Need to get Selection ctte nailed down now if we're going to convene on 6th. Christie will email folks we want to reach out to.

Keynote speakers: contacted, 2 confirmed

Content Committee: (Schwern would like to be on this committee too -MC)

can use FlightStats for meeting (as backup location). Jacob will check on using Elemental office.

From this group: Amy, Christie, Audrey, and Jacob want to be included. Ben, Noirin are also interested. Jimmy? Leigh, Schwern

See list compiled from 2/27: Open_Source_Bridge/2013/Meetings/2013-02-27


closed with ~220 proposals. Read 'em.

Allow Jared Boone & person whose proposal was 1 min late to add proposals? Decided yes.

Turn on voting? Yes.

Turn on voting for: Christie, Reid, Amy, Audrey, Ben, Jacob, Leigh, Schwern, Norin, Jim


Any new sponsors this week?

  • New Relic
  • SEOMoz - ?
  • Thetus - waiting to hear from us
  • LivingSocial - not this year

49 people are registered. A little more than last year this time.


Should do:

  • User group outreach, discount codes
  • Registration promotion. Printed materials may be helpful here /if/ we have a plan for distributing them.
  • Contact specific classes/teachers about the conference and CFP, plus volunteer opportunities
  • BarCamp. Shepherd will have flyers.
  • More Lunch 2.0 attendance for promotions


  • Audrey looking at volunteer tracking tools for the Syndicate.
  • Shepherd & Chris talking about volunteer management app. Planning to get ready for people to sign up by mid-to-late May.


We need to plan to pay 50% deposit on space on April 1st ($3455)

deposit is non-refundable.

We want to pay this to reserve the space, even though we are low on funds right now.

Last year's party attendance: ~285 (determined by number of raffle tickets given out).


  • Need to start figuring this out soon because of ordering deadlines.
  • socks. socks with and without toes.
    • Sock It To Me does custom socks, but you have to order 1200 pairs. Nonetheless:

  • Need to start looking at new t-shirts. Christie has a company name - Elegant Stitches? ? port & company? Christie has other ideas

anvil better than gildan

TODOS from last meetings

  • get blog post written announcing first Keynote
  • get blog post written announcing second Keynote
  • Christie and Melissa: brainstorm re: blog posts, executing promotional strategy.
  • Town Hall Meeting Rescheduling
  • Future Work Sprints
  • Design Work
    • Business card printing
    • Outreach promotion
  • Kirsten: look into removing old Redmine.
  • Kirsten: document tech info on Syndicate wiki
  • Reid: contact Rick about getting domain transferred
  • Reid: Turn today's CFP email into blog post, add note about proposal help at hackathon tomorrow


  • schedule next meeting April 3rd - in person meeting + Google hangout
  • Kirsten: request check for $3455 for OMSI through bookkeeper. Pay before April 1st.
  • Reid: talk to Melissa about keynote announcement
  • Kirsten: audit list of OCW users who can vote on proposals, then open voting
  • Kirsten: let the 2 people add their late proposals
  • Reid: fill out Klean Kanteen form to look into ordering bottles/pints
  • Reid: order large batches of Lego on eBay (or wholesale) for the hacker lounge

Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?

  • Melissa — week of May 15, first week in June
  • Jacob - May 3rd-5th (possibly earlier)