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  • Reid
  • Kirsten

Schedule Check


CFP closes Saturday! We have about 75 proposals now. We had about half that last year right before the deadline, then it jumped to ~120 at the deadline. We'll wait & see what happens this year, we may need to extend the deadline again.

Remind people via mass email. Email can also have year 5 fun, party announcement, sponsorship request.

  • Reid is working on this email tonight.


List of tech assets to keep track of:

  • Domains
    • - lost to Japan
    • - registered to rick, need to transfer
    • - registered to a dreamhost customer, probably Selena?
  • DNS
    • managed by Igal, using slicehost's DNS servers. Need to transfer.
  • Servers
    • at Network Redux - need to get Admin panel access from Igal / NR
      • hawthorne
      • marquam
  • Amazon s3 - Syndicate account
  • Google Apps


Prospectus / Sponsorship

Prospectus is finished! Reid's been sending it out.

Public link to prospectus - it's been updated and 2012 sponsors removed from site.

Reid's heard back from Rentrak, and Dawn at Puppet is asking around.

Rentrak is sponsoring at the Advocate level.


Shepherd is working on flyers. We need to schedule dates for meeting with volunteers (and possibly have a party) What dimensions are preferred, please? -- any size, whatever Shepherd prefers.


TODOS from last meeting

  • contact potential Keynote speakers
  • Reid: get mass email re: CFP written and sent.
  • Content Committee: start selecting people
  • Amy: blog post re: missed emails. Audrey to collaborate.
  • Christie: schedule some tweets re: CFP
  • Christie and Melissa: brainstorm re: blog posts, executing promotional strategy.

✔ Compile list of conferences in Portland; Reid will reach out to organizers for cross-promotions

  • Town Hall Meeting Rescheduling
  • Future Work Sprints
  • Design Work
    • Business card printing
    • Hand Bills and outreach promotion
  • Kirsten: look into removing old Redmine


  • Kirsten: invoice Rentrak
  • Kirsten: document tech info on Syndicate wiki
  • Reid: contact Rick about getting domain transferred

✔ schedule next meeting March 13th

Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?

Melissa — week of May 15