Open Source Bridge/2013/Meetings/2013-02-27

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  • christie
  • reid
  • audrey
  • melissa
  • sherri
  • amy f
  • kirsten

Schedule Check

Keynote speakers: Reid and Christie to meet tomorrow via IRC.

Content Committee: ADD NAMES HERE (to invite) Chuck Lauer Vose Noirin Addie Larissa Shapiro Vicky Adron Hall We need a hardware person. Don Davis (can't come to conference, as is going to NY for a hardware gathering there all June) or Ward? Sumana

Content selection meeting will be at Flight Stats on April 6 from 11-5pm.

Town Hall: put one together in March, perhaps combined with work hours at a coffee shop.


Domain management - tech team? Who would like to work on this? (Amy) FYI We have a Syndicate account with Gandi and could work on transferring domains there.



Prospectus / Sponsorship

Prospectus is finalized. Will be sending out pitch for review. Draft pitch: Public link to prospectus? - coming to site soon, along with update removing last year's sponsors. I have a shit ton of example pitch emails that get sent to Mozilla. Is it helpful to see these? Most of them kinda suck. Meaning, we're doing pretty good.


We need to promote more!! Remind people via mass email in about three days. Email can also have year 5 fun, party announcement, sponsorship request.


Shepherd is working on flyers. We need to schedule dates for meeting with volunteers (and possibly have a party) What dimensions are preferred, please?


Started doc with OS podcasts —MC

TODOS from last meeting

✔ Compile list of conferences in Portland; Reid will reach out to organizers for cross-promotions

  • Town Hall Meeting Rescheduling?
  • promote next week's online town hall
  • schedule another for March
  • Look into removing old Redmine
  • Future Work Sprints
  • Design Work
  • Business card printing

✔ Big 5 Graphic Design

  • Hand Bills and outreach promotion

✔ schedule next meeting for 27th


  • next meeting March 6th
  • Reid: list of tech assets
  • Amy: blog post re: missed emails. Audrey to collaborate.
  • Christie: schedule some tweets re: CFP
  • Christie and Melissa: brainstorm re: blog posts, executing promotional strategy.
  • Reid: get mass email re: CFP written and sent.
  • Upcoming Travel Schedule: Who's out of town when?
  • Melissa — week of May 15