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Sponsorship Outreach

finalize prospectus and start asking

Party Sponsorship

  • Is $15k enough? (Party not quite - $15460 at a BARE minimum for space + catering for 350 - no prizes, no shows, no band...)
  • I'd like to work with Sherri and Melissa to put together a good party blurb

Etherpad for notes:

CFP Promotion

  • all of it
  • usual emails to user groups with promo code "osbugluv" $100 off regular reg
  • outreach and "how to write a proposal" events
  • promote to user groups in PDX - PDX Groups meta-list:!forum/pdxgroups
  • how to promote to people outside of Portland?
  • send more emails to our existing contact lists, including with suggestions like "bring your open source team to our conference!"
  • more twitter
  • send to podcast list (condensed version of CFP text) _MC
  • OpenHatch events list (Audrey will follow up)
  • Conferences happening in PDX -- compile list and reach out for cross-promotion, cross-registration. Amy will get the list started:


OCW Update — it's a long road…

2012 Audio

  • has anyone responded to Trevor's email about his presentation audio? I didn't see that email but I can get it for him - Kirsten - I will forward it - Audrey
  • Kirsten has been working on audio -- using Levelator, trimming beginning and ends, Levelating (?) and then dropping it on S3 and tagging it. Doing it in room order, with a few Sumanah req'd first. Going pretty quickly.

Volunteer Outreach and Event Scheduling

Outreach event at BarCamp? Mid-March (post-Barcamp/Party!), May (Orientation #1), June (Orientation #2 #3)

Post Volunteer Appreciation Party (Late June/July)

OSB Outreach to students of PCC (Sylvania/Cascade campus)?

Note: Town Hall schedule is here. It is not entirely true:

Primary OSB positions needed

  • Hacker Lounge Support, Speaker Liaison

We want to announce our first keynote speaker on March 4. So we should have one by then. Email ideas to the core list (we do have some).


  • Compile list of conferences in Portland; Reid will reach out to organizers for cross-promotions
  • Town Hall Meeting Rescheduling?
    • promote next week's online town hall
    • schedule another for march
  • Look into removing old Redmine
  • Future Work Sprints
  • Design Work
    • Business card Printing
    • Big 5 Graphic Design
    • Hand Bills and outreach promotion

✔ schedule next meeting for 27th