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Open Source Bridge Planning

9 January 2013

Review Schedule

Review CFP draft

CFP to drop on Monday (jan 14)

Report from OMSI Walkthrough

  • Hurrah, Professionals!
  • Quote in from catering (Bon Appetit) sent out ($35-$45/person + drinks)
  • Special exhibition during OSB (mummies) would be extremely expensive to cover, we might be better served by spending money by opening up the Planetarium, IMAX, or the USS Blueback up instead
  • OMSI willing to give coupons for discounted access to the museum, including the Mummies, good for the week of, through the weekend, OSB. They're happy to do this even if we don't rent!
  • Earth Hall now features a projection globe with data from NOAA (hack earlier in week to see who can get data up on the globe), flight data, and could project our logo and sponsor. This would be set up with tables to facilitate board gaming
  • Entire cafe could be our "loud" (DDR) area
  • Contact Jimmy to see if we might have his band playing as people arrive
  • Party start time would need to be 7pm due to museum hours
  • Ideal fundraising: $10K-$15K (need to actually crunch real numbers)
  • community party only pass - last year was $10

Prospectus/Look & Feel update

Prospectus update first, possibly with 5th year additions as a separate update

Website next, probably after CFP open


Website updates

  • Amy will make wordpress & wiki updates Thu or Friday
  • Kirsten will update openconferenceware Sunday, with Reid's help

OCW updates

  • Need to compile them all in one place
  • Schedule a hackday?
  • Want to add volunteer management/schedule app - maybe talking to OCW database

Have a tech team meeting, make a roadmap for what needs to get done - before end of Jan.

Kevin will convene a Tech Committee meeting to figure out what we're doing with OCW this year.

Who wants in?

  • Kevin
  • Kirsten
  • Reid
  • Jacob
  • Amy

When is it?

  • After Reid finishes some prospectus stuff, but before the end of the month?