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Planning Meeting for 27 December 2012


  • christie
  • amy f
  • kirsten c
  • shepherd
  • reid
  • melissa
  • sherri


Defining Roles for 2013

  • kirsten: registration and website
  • shepherd: help with volunteers and design/promo
  • amy: website, communications, content selection
  • sherri: logistics, but with more help
  • melissa: communications, marketing, outreach, some logistics
  • sumana: content and speaker recruitment
  • reid: unknown

Identified Gaps

  • volunteer
  • logistics, including party planning

People to Recruit

  • anthony s (helped with ignite), sherri will reach out to
  • jacob helwig (tech)
  • ben hengst (volunteer)

Timeline Review

  • we haven't made a timeline yet ;(
  • Urgent: CFP open. Last year we opened 1/19
  • early registration reminder: Can this go out Friday, Dec. 28? Probably.

Website Updates Needed

  • Create the 2013 OpenConferenceWare event (this will update the menu)
  • Create the 2013 tracks by copying them from 2012
  • Create the 2013 session types for "Long form" and "Short form"
  • Create the /2013 page with a minimum set of links for this year's event
  • Create the 2013 wiki and update redirects
  • Create the 2013 sponsors page and update redirects
  • Update the following pages with new dates:
    • /sponsors/sponsorship
    • /about page
    • /media
  • Update the following pages:
    • /attend
    • /call-for-proposals
    • /get-involved/for-user-groups
    • /get-involved/promote (new badges)
    • /sponsor-resources (new badges)

When ready to open proposals

  • Open proposal submission in OpenConferenceWare
  • Update homepage with button and text for submitting a proposal

Prospectus Updates

  • Reid to work on
  • Blocked partially by budget for party

Volunteer Recruiting

  • Christie will suggest some dates on the mailinglist after an event schedule is put together.

Action Items

  • Remind people that early registration is closing (Amy draft -> Christie)
  • Open CFP (Amy draft -> Christie & Sumana) Aim to open 1/14, first close 3/9, FINAL close 3/23
  • christie: put together a schedule ASAP
  • update web site (Kirsten, Amy)
  • reid: update prospectus
  • christie: follow-up with reid re prospectus
  • sherri: get quotes for OMSI party
  • Christie/Melissa/Amy - knowledge share on communications: updating blog, sending out email,
  • Code-a-thon to add OCW features: Christie, Kirsten, Amy :-)
  • christie: propose some dates for volunteer recruitment