Open Source Bridge/2013/Hacker Lounge Notes

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Hacker Lounge Notes


  • The screws in the IKEA furniture will get loose with use. Carry the IKEA hex key (or equivalent) and tighten when you straighten.
  • Watch out for splinters on the ottomans!
  • The end tables are not chairs, but people will sit on them. They will break when people sit on them. As they break, they should probably be replaced with something that can hold the weight of two humans (over-engineer for durability).


These numbers are useful when getting quotes for moving the furniture from storage to the event, and for considering alternative layouts.

  • 4 sofas
  • 16 chairs and 16 ottomans
  • 10 end tables
  • 4 lamps
  • A large box of sofa covers and pillows
  • Get other inventory info (shirts, cups, boxes of supplies) to tell movers about


  • The piano pretty much has to be in the NW corner, even though that end of the room is the 'quiet area'. Few people have played the piano, so this has had minimal impact on the noise level.
  • The west end of the room is also a good place for the massage chair for the same reason.


General Thoughts

  • Guess where the 'cow paths' might be, but don't pave them until attendees show you where they want to go. An exception is the accessibility lane; pave that.
  • Let people do things; e.g. put out a box of power strips with a sign: "DIY power" (credit: rking), and provide stickers/white board markers to decorate the window that everyone tried to walk through.
  • Make it easy for people to customize (as in 'hack') the space. Provide tape, paper (for signs), watch for people looking for things and ask what they need.
  • Default to 'yes'.