Open Source Bridge/2013/Errand Runner Notes

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Visa gift card: Use as a credit card, not a debit card. There were no issues.

Parking: I got all-day parking in the lot across the street every day. For that lot, is best to run the errands so that you return either during lunch hour or after 4 pm to ensure there is a spot upon returning. The lot usually has one spot or two open up during lunch hour, but after 1 pm it will fill up again until maybe 4 pm.

Keg pick up: The person picking up the keg must fill out the OLCC form, which requires you to enter your contact info, driver’s license number, your car’s year, make, model, color, and license number, the location where the beer will be served, and the date and time (can be a range of dates and times) where it will be served.

Keg drop off: If the deposit is paid in cash, it will be given back in cash, which does not require the same person to drop off the keg. If deposit is paid on a card, the cardholder will have to return the kegs because the deposit will be put back on the card. Bridgeport accepted the Visa gift card as cash, but that may not always be true.

I felt Maletis was more professional than Bridgeport.

Cash and Carry: The 5-pack (42 lb total) of ice is cheaper per pound than getting the 20-lb bags.

Safeway: They preferred a check with a street address rather than a PO box. The manager had to approve it by asking me to write a street address and phone number (I put my own). Also, the staff almost charged me extra for pita chips, though the pita chips are supposed to be included in the veggie tray.

Trader Joe’s: No issues.

Back to Eden: Staff were not sure about accepting a check and had to OK it with the owner.

Sweet Pea: No issues.