Meetings/2013-08-08 Work Session

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Audrey, Kirsten, Melissa, and Reid met at the SE Portland Lucky Lab to work on Syndicate things.

Work Completed

  • Audrey updated the Syndicate website to include a new Sponsor Us page based on the org prospectus and consolidated the contribution form into the Membership page. Also updated the membership page for readability.
  • Reid tweaked the 2014 Open Source Bridge prospectus with a few new images and re-exported the PDF at full resolution.
  • Reid upgraded the Syndicate WordPress install to 3.6 (release notes)
  • Reid wrote documentation for the OCW selector votes feature, closing Issue #46
  • Kirsten upgraded the Open Source Bridge WordPress install to 3.6
  • Kirsted added extra 2013 sponsor logos to the Open Source Bridge site
  • Reid created a 2014 event on the osbridge site, so that we would get a 2014 navigation bar on the site
  • Reid updated the design of the WhereCampPDX website for 2013
  • Reid removed the "5 years of open source citizenship" mark from the osbridge frontpage
  • Kirsten chose the winning random winner of the OSCON business card raffle.

Remaining Tasks

  • Blogging all the things
    • User group support update
    • Request for donated office space
    • OSB - volunteer picnic announcement (I started a draft of this with Josh. -M)
    • WhereCampPDX - 2013 event announcement
  • Fundraising
    • sending prospectus to past donors
    • email current Syndicate members about renewal
    • Recurring billing for membership
    • Paypal options - nonprofit accounts etc.
  • Tech
    • CiviCRM
    • Chef?
    • Design common footer for all Syndicate event sites, linking to all other events
      • possibly use a sidebar widget until this actually happens
  • Prospectuseses!
    • Ignite Portland
    • WhereCampPDX
    • BarCamp Portland
  • Events
    • Open Source Bridge
      • send updated prospectus to Intel
      • follow up with Mike about video
      • check on licensing limits for audio/video hosting
      • make 2014 planning calendar
      • research/order volunteer patches for 2013 and 2014
    • Ignite Portland
      • venue research
    • WhereCampPDX