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Exporting PDFs

We ask speakers for PDFs of their presentations. Here's how to export your presentation to a PDF from several popular presentation software packages.

PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)

  1. File Menu -> Save As…
  2. Choose PDF from the "Format" dropdown
  3. Save!

Keynote 6 (Mac)

  1. File Menu -> Export To -> PDF…
  2. Image Quality: Best
  3. Click "Next…"
  4. Choose where to save your file

Keynote '09 (Mac)

  1. File Menu -> Export -> PDF…
  2. Export: Slides (not Slides With Notes)
  3. Make sure the following are all unchecked:
    • Add borders around slides
    • Add slide numbers
    • Include date
  4. Image Quality: Best
  5. Click "Next…"
  6. Choose where to save your file

Google Drive Presentation (Web)

  1. File Menu (the one that's part of the page, not the browser's file menu) -> Download As -> PDF Document (.pdf)


For Ignite Portland, we ask presenters to submit 1024x768 PDFs of their slides. We've been using Keynote to present them, mainly due to it having an easy way to batch-assign slide timings.

Here's the process I used to do conversion for IP10:

  1. Get all of the PDFs (optionally, rename them to be in order)
  2. Use pdftk to concatenate them together into a single PDF $ pdftk *.pdf cat output IP10.pdf
  3. Use this handy PDF to Keynote tool to convert that PDF to Keynote format.
  4. Open the file in Keynote, select all of the slides, and set the slide timing like so: