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Update board members listed on website


  • Syndicate WordPress installation, which runs website for syndicate mainpage + most events
    • CiviCRM -- WordPress login will get you in, but administrator must grant you more privs
  • GitHub -- access to stumpsyn org
  • This Syndicate wiki -- get account with appropriate permissions, maybe elevated privs
  • Google Apps org for Syndicate domain
    • Drive/Docs and within that making sure appropriate folders are shared, e.g., Board folder which should give them everything they need
    • board@syndicate (alias) -- board "group" in Google Groups in Google Apps
  • syndicate-bod list (Google Group)
  • Dropbox for Syndicate -- includes passwords for (we may want to move to better pw management):
    • HootSuite
    • Xero
    • etc.
  • Syndicate IRC server
  • Slack


  • Explain how the WordPress multisite config stuff works -- you have access to all indiv event WordPresses, but you have to know that you do
  • Explain what kinds of documents go where, e.g., Syndicate vs OSB Dropbox
  • Location of various Etherpad installations