BarCamp Portland/Meetings/2013-09-16

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Todo's left over from last time

  • Christie & Will to connect re: PSU program that Will gets his volunteers from to look for volunteer coordinator volunteer! (Christie thinks Will sent her stuff, will follow up) (I sent an e-mail – I'll reply to give it visibility again – let me know specifically what you need past what I've done, Christie)
  • Reid to make wiki logins for Risa and fool (done. Now, what were we supposed to do with that ...start working on fundraising there?)
  • Will to turn up crowdsourced font (Christie thinks we are short some software? she's checking) (Alicia has been unresponsive. I passed along the original font, though)
  • Christie leftover todos from 2 months ago:

questions needing answers:

  • what is our monetary goal for fundraising? - $6500 or so fundraising goal
  • third day: what are the parameters for our 3rd-day usage (times available, events to be held)? - Christie: should wait for fundraising to indicate we can support a 3rd day.
  • theme? Risa suggests "Hands on" - tentatively accepted, need more fleshing out.

New Business:

  • Risa - sponsorship workflow - has perms to post logos now, is waiting on confirmed-paid status from Kirsten C to post anything ($250 raised so far, suspect new relic is in for $500 as usual, count on $800 from attendees, probably mozilla - ?)
  • indiegogo campaign? (cost = ~10% of money raised, some effort) - without a manager, we don't think that effort has legs.
  • going forward we need more participation - we need to try to recruit more folks for next meeting to get them involved in something they can help plan rather than just execute.

New Todo's

(this week)

  • Christie to work on whipping CRM into shape tracking for donors/volunteers
  • Christie to recycle last year's announcement blog post, post, tweet
  • Christie to check on contact for PSU program for volunteers (thinks Will provided it?)
  • Christie to confirm her research into font from Alicia


  • Christie to finish prospectus review so we can start using it for fundraising.
  • Risa to update fundraising howto doc on the stumptown syndicate wiki
  • Risa to brainstorm/write up "what hands on means to us at barcamp" :)
  • Chris to find rockstars from last year and see if they'll help with this year
  • Chris to draft a planning-volunteer (versus day-of) solicitation/kickoff/describe open-planning-process and post to planning list for vetting.
  • Chris to merge two planning playbooks into wiki
  • all: - Christie to feedback re: travel schedule/meeting date suggestion once she knows new travel schedule next week