Volunteer Policy

(The following applies to all events and activities of Stumptown Syndicate.)

Volunteers are a core and essential part of everything we do at Stumptown Syndicate. At this time, we are an entirely volunteer-run organization, and without your help, none of our activities would be possible. We’re very thankful that you choose to donate your time to the community.

Your Responsibilities as a Volunteer

In order to keep volunteering fun, rewarding, and to make sure we get the work done, there are a few things we need from you:

Provide contact information. When you sign up to volunteer, we’ll ask for your name and contact information so we can get in touch about volunteer opportunities and details.

Keep your commitment; let us know if you can’t. When you volunteer for a specific project or event, you’ll be asked to pick one or more shifts or tasks. In the event that you are unable to keep your commitment, promptly inform the volunteer coordinator for the event or project.

Help us help you resolve conflicts. In the course of volunteering, issues may arise. These include not having the information needed to complete your task, difficulty working with another volunteer, or other some other block. When issues do arise, we ask that you to talk to someone for help in resolving the matter. First check with the Volunteer Coordinator for your event or project. If that person is unavailable or unhelpful, please reach out to a Syndicate board member.

Follow our Code of Conduct. A welcoming, open, and friendly environment is a central part of our community values. We expect you to follow the Syndicate Code of Conduct at all times while volunteering, and promptly report to a board member, volunteer coordinator, or event organizer about any Conduct violations you witness.

Be at least 18 years old. Or accompanied by legal parent or guardian.

Provide proof of a valid driver’s license, if you will be operating a vehicle for us.

Our Responsibilities to You

Volunteering isn’t a one-way commitment. You provide your time and expertise to use, and we promise to do the following:

Track and recognize your contributions. We think it’s important that all your hard work gets acknowledged.

Provide appropriate training and documentation. We’ll make sure you receive on-site training, documentation, and other help as needed so you know what you’re expected to do and how to do it. We may ask you to help improve documentation or training materials for what you’re working on to help the the next set of volunteers along.

Help you resolve conflicts. The Volunteer Coordinator for your project or event is the first person available to you in the event of a conflict or other problem. The Syndicate board is also always willing to hear from volunteers and help resolve any issues.

Repercussions for Violating the Volunteer Policy or Code of Conduct

If we find that you are not following these guidelines in good faith, the board may decide to issue a warning regarding your conduct. This warning may or may not be followed by a request that you temporarily suspend your volunteer activities. If we find that, after receiving an initial warning, you are continue to violate our guidelines, the board may vote to ban you entirely from volunteering for one or all of our activities. We might also take other action as we deem appropriate (e.g. involving law enforcement if necessary).

We don’t wish to remove anyone from service to our community, however, we put these guidelines in place so that we can ensure that our activities remain safe and welcoming for the whole community.

Event-Specific Volunteer Guidelines

  • Be ready to work the task and shift you’ve agreed to, and be able to stay the entire length of your shift.
  • Check in with the volunteer coordinator (or their assistant) before your shift.
  • Notify the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible if you are unable to fulfill your commitment.
  • Attend any general or specific training requested, whether before or during the conference, and agree to follow the rules and guidelines for the particular volunteer role(s).
  • Understand that signing up for a task or shift signifies your preference, but does not guarantee placement, as the organizers may need to reschedule due to a variety of reasons.