All of our programs are volunteer-run, community-oriented, peer-to-peer learning events. We host events whose intended audience ranges from those with no technical knowledge, to those who work with technology professionally. We have something for every experience level.

BarCamp Portland

BarCamp Portland is part of an international network of user-generated conferences. BarCamps are open, participatory workshop-like events whose content is provided by participants. Topics often focus on, but are not limited to, web design and development, open source technologies, social protocols, open data formats and other DIY/hacker/open culture themes.

BarCamp is a great place to come learn from and share with others.

Ignite Portland

Ignite Portland is an evening of five minute talks where speakers of all experience levels gather to share their knowledge and passion with you. Topics range from “How to Boil Water” (a talk about nuclear reactors), to how to build a life-sized Jenga puzzle, how to un-rig an election, and even Gypsy Jazz. You never know what you’re going to see at Ignite Portland, but you can be sure you’ll learn something new and be inspired.

Open Source Bridge

Open Source Bridge is a professional conference for developers working with open source technologies and for people interested in learning the open source way. It is currently the only one of our events that costs money to attend, but we work to keep the event as accessible as we can, including by offering user group member discounts and volunteer options.

The eighth Open Source Bridge conference will be held June 21–24, 2016.


WhereCampPDX is a free unconference for anyone interested in the intersection of geography, technology and culture. It draws a wide variety of participants each year, from open data geeks to GIS professionals, and all manner of geography enthusiasts.

PDX Tech Workshops

The PDX Tech Workshops are free weekend workshops on a variety of technical topics. The main goal of the workshops is to educate beginners about technical issues, connect new people with their local community, and increase the participation of under-represented groups in technical activities.

User Group Support

Stumptown Syndicate works with local technology user groups to provide advising, infrastructure and fiscal support. We are also working to document best practices for user group leadership, to maintain a census of groups in the Portland metro area, and to connect interested corporate sponsors with relevant groups.

Project Sponsorship

Are you interested in joining or otherwise having the support of Stumptown Syndicate There are two ways for your project to join and have the support of Stumptown Syndicate: Your project can apply for program sponsorship or fiscal sponsorship.