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  • Select talks for conference program


  • Read all proposals
  • Vote on proposals
  • Attend voting session


  • We usually invite specific people, few weeks before CFP deadline, to be on committee
  • We try to end up with committee of 6-10 people
  • Try to have a broad selection of content covered in talks
  • Usually accommodate about 100 talks
  • CFP deadline has a history of being extended

Tasks & Timeline

  • Begin reading when CFP closed
  • 1-2 weeks after final CFP closure hold voting

Skills & Requirements

  • Subject matter expert in field
  • Engagement and experience with open source community
  • Awareness of conference ethos and spirit, and community concerns
  • Attend Selection meeting 4 hours on a Sunday
  • Few hours before meeting to read proposals, depends on reading speed
  • Does not need to attend conference
  • Does not have to be local


  • Autonomy to vote and comment on talks, consensus desired
  • Individuals empowered to recommend inclusion/exclusion of speakers and content based on prior knowledge and experience
  • Syndicate board has final review/approval of content and speakers