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DATE 20 May 2015, 6:15 PM PDT at Mozilla


Kurt, Jonan, Lauren, Ed, Chris, Melisssa, Amy, Reid, Christie, Kirsten

Note-keeper: (the note-keeper is responsible for moving notes to the Syndicate wiki after the meeting)


  • Schedule Check
  • Worksprints
  • Media from the conference
  • Fundraising
  • Registration
  • Content
  • Logistics
  • Volunteers
  • Technology/Website
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Action Items

Schedule check

June 4 - last day to provide art and order to OSI for t-shirts

We have some deposits due and will make a list of them.


(Worksprints are the first and third Saturday of the month, co-located with Calagator code sprints.)

Media from the conference

Fundraising / Sponsorship

Matrix withdrew their sponsorship because they didn't have any speakers accepted.

Intel needs <5 months lead time; asked that we reach out to them in September.

Help Jonan if you have time by gathering emails and adding to the spreadsheet.


We have 104 paid registrations [19 at $175, 20 at $195, 33 at $240, 27 regular, 5 student]. Free tickets: 4 organizers, 1 sponsor, 4 raffle winners, 41 community passes.

historical: May 14, 2014: 92 paid registrations, 5 free May 15, 2013: 107 paid registrations, 2 free May 16, 2012: 81 paid registrations, 9 free May 11, 2011: 72 paid registrations, 8 free May 11, 2010: 123 paid registrations, 8 free

Compticketeer code is now updated to Rails 4.1, specs pass but it isn't running yet. TODO: update to Rails 4.2, update Eventbrite API, install on Heroku instead of old server.


We have content.

Christie is coordinating speaker travel.

At some point we need to schedule activities in the hacker lounge.

Hacker lounge soldering budget: aim for $200.


coordinate: Party time vs. Seamless loadout

Expectation: Seamless will tear down shortly after the conference day closes on Thursday. We should set up our own power strips in the hacker lounge for the party (rather than Friday morning).

TODO: schedule needs a couple of adjustments to reflect actual party and concert start times. (Christie to make that happen.)

We have the building noon-5 Monday and 7:30am-midnight on conference days.

Walkthrough occurred today. Identified rooms:

   * Chime room as the childcare room. 
   * Youth room will be storage and couches for volunteers. 
   * Fishbowl (310) will be A/V; if ConFreaks doesn't use it we can use as speaker room. 
   * 202 can be speaker lounge.


Melissa has confirmation from:

  • - Tuesday: Los Gorditos
  • - Wednesday: Looking for a source of Ethiopian food (Nicholas has raised prices)
  • - Thursday: Thai Garden
  • - Tuesday evening: extra food from Safeway.


lock picks ordered rubix cubed ordered need to order japanese boards and soldering irons

TODO: Jonan to confirm with Holli whether spirits are okay, and get clarification on what requires us to hire an OLCC bartender rather than use a volunteer.

We can have food on all floors.

OLCC training at 1pm Tuesday for volunteers.


I'm getting asked about the volunteer shift schedule.


Technology / Website

Marketing / Outreach

There is now a Facebook Event Page. Invite your friends. It's super damn easy.


Scout books tshirts pint glasses speaker gift jonan is researching

Amanda’s Shirt Report

Reid will put together an order for Scout books; will check lead time and possibly hold off on sending it.


Stephanie Morillo would like an update on where she sleeps

Action Items

Next meetings: