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Open Source Bridge 2015 - etherpad for planning meetings notes move to [1] after each meeting


  • Via Vidyo: ckoehler, 9597
  • Via Telephone: +1 650 903 0800, x92 (or +1 800 707 2533, password 369).

Then 99597. Press *1 to mute if you’re dialed in (creates audible beep).

  • Alternate numbers: [2]
  • Direct room link: [3]

Last meeting notes: [4]

DATE 01 April 2015, 6:30 PM PDT at Mozilla


Christie, Reid, Amy, Kirsten, Amanda

Note-keeper: (the note-keeper is responsible for moving notes to the Syndicate wiki after the meeting)


  • Schedule Check
  • Worksprints
  • Media from the conference
  • Fundraising
  • Registration
  • Content
  • Logistics
  • Volunteers
  • Technology/Website
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Action Items

Schedule check

Worksprints are scheduled for April 4 and 18; the content committee is also scheduled for the 18th. Probably just need to let Shawna know some of us won't be there on the 18th.

TODO: Reid will email the core list about this.

Probably time to go to weekly in-person meetings.

TODO: Chrisitie will set up calendar invite for weekly meetings.

== Worksprints ==

(Worksprints are the first and third Saturday of the month, co-located with Calagator code sprints.)


== Media from the conference ==

We dropped the ball on the ConFreaks question. Might be too late for making a decision this year. Christie has a framework for making this kind of decision that she'll share.

== Spiders ==

They are here — well, not right here, but they exist and they are terrifying.

== Fundraising / Sponsorship ==

From Jonan: I sent an email out a couple weeks ago and I’m preparing to hit our list again, if you have any contact emails please add them to the sponsorship spreadsheet. Even if you just know of a company that we don’t have on the list please add them, I’ll find the contact information.

TODO: Reid will contact Intel and hand off to Jonan

Discussion about Mozilla sponsorship package request.

== Registration ==

We have 48 paid registrations [20 at $175, 20 at $195, 6 at $240, 1 regular, 1 student], 4 organizers, 25 community passes. This is about the same as where we've been in previous years. Traditionally this number has doubled in the next month.

$240 ticket sales are closed April 10th, after that it's all regular priced tickets. We can change the ticket price change to after April 18, since that's when content selection is happening. -- Updated to Apr 25th.

TODO: Reid to check out what we did last year regarding timing of ticket price change and pick a date.

Started sending out comp tickets for a couple sponsors & user group raffle winners.

TODO: Coordinate with Jonan on other sponsor passes. Get Jonan access to compticketeer.

== Content ==



TODO: Christie to review / edit acceptance email text

== Logistics ==

TODO: Christie to schedule a walk-through at Eliot Center.

=== Party Venue ===

From Jonan: New Relic is not likely to work as a venue, I’m curious if we can use the conference space into the evening? I think I could put on an amazing party right there at the venue if that’s possible, with activities and games tucked away in the various rooms and food/drinks in the hacker lounge and courtyard. If that doesn’t work either please send me some venue suggestions.

Reid: I'm not opposed to looking at what we could do at the eliot center.

It's worth doing a little looking into local venues in the next week. We could be at the train museum again.

200 people, self catering, willing to spend $1,500-ish on the space, outdoor might work, public transit accessible, we'd like to avoid charter busses TODO: Amanda will do some research and send an email update

== Volunteers ==

From Chris: With just over a month until deployment there isn't enough time to complete and release the new version of the app. I think the best use of the remaining time will be to focus on cleaning up the existing code so it can be deployed on an OSB server. I'll need to setup time with Reid to work out deployment details.

=== Core Team Recruiting ===

Amanda really needs help on remaining core team roles. If people can come to the work sprint to help this Saturday, that would be ideal.

What roles still need filling? - Logistics, catering


TODO: Amanda will generate a list post worksprint of emergency question for the core team.

== Technology / Website ==

Reid is endeavouring to make more use of our Rackspace hosting. We'll probably have actual staging servers.

== Marketing / Outreach ==

We can send emails to accepted speakers the Monday after content selection (not marketing, but marketing is gated on speaker confirmation). Next big push will be around the great talks we'll have.

== Action Items ==


== Next meetings: ==

Wed Apr 8th, in person. Location TBD (not Mozilla)

== Meeting is adjourned ==