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Open Source Bridge 2015 Planning

11 December 2014 - via Vidyo conference

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2015/Meetings/2014-12-04


Amanda, Sumana, Reid, Kirsten, Chris Freeman, Mike Gebhardt, Amy

Action Items

  • Send out the emails to the past sponsors.
    • Reid: Intel
    • Reid: Elemental
  •  ??? -- fill out a form for Mozilla, as we did last year (github #143)
  • Kirsten to ask Jonan whether he would like to own sponsorship communication on this; if he says no, Kirsten to send out the rest of the emails. -- Jonan says he will help!
  • Reid - next 48 hrs - first pass on fleshing core team roles out and noting which ones are filled and which are not
  • DONE: Sumana to email osb-core to ask people to speak up about keynote suggestions


Let's review, edit if necessary, and approve the repeat sponsor letter:

We did tiny wordsmithing around gender. Thank you Amy for leading on this! Decision: SHIP IT!

2015 Sponsorship Tracking (github #132)

  • (Reid cannot do new sponsor seeking & recruitment this year)
  • We need someone to own that - maybe Jonan? or Kurt? Someone with relationships/experience communicating with companies


We have 25 paid registrations [20 at $175, 5 at $195], 3 volunteers, 13 community passes.

For comparison we've usually had about 20 "ridiculously early" registrations the year before the conference, plus ~5 at $175.

Request: that we post to Twitter/etc. maybe 3 more times, before Dec 31, about registering at the cheap registration rate. Something like: Register by January 1st for Open Source Bridge 2015 to snag one of 100 $195 tickets (full price $315) Tracked in: github #141


  • User group outreach, including outside of Portland -- combined CfP and registration push -- we'll also hit the mailing list. (also ask for keynote suggestions)
  • CfP close date is usually ~end of earlybird reg. May want to look at what our reg price increase structure looks like to decide how to push people... Do we want to keep the current structure of raising the ticket price when we announce speakers?


Keynoters - we want to handpick .... good to look at this sooner rather than later (github #144)

Media from the conference

A lot of videos are uploaded to the Syndicate YouTube. All year keynotes are there. Mike is about 1/3 done with the 2013 talks (took ~36 hours to upload). Hope to have that finished before the holidays. After that he'll work on the 2014 videos. Thank you Mike!! -- e.g., all keynotes from all years, etc.

Someone want to put up a site to make videos searchable/discoverable? as an example? (github #145)

Checking on videos where speakers opted out of publication of video -- for 2013 and 2014, Mike checked and we either did not record or we did not publish :)

Idea for Saturday sprint: followup & easily add YouTube embedding for OpenConferenceWare!!! (OCW github #67) If Mike has tracked locally which talks are which URLs, that would be useful; otherwise, pull from YouTube channel listing. (Mike has not been tracking URLs specifically but they're in playlists. But for OSB, YouTube is ok but not great... OSB is in one single playlist. All talks for all days will be there.)

Mike also went through archives and found content from years past that had been online on other services that had been shut down. :)

Does Mike want to farm out any encoding/uploading tasks to fast computers on fast networks?

Reid wants to set up a video podcast feed pushing out the talks. (github #51) Easy to do from YT? or will need to get MPEG-4 for files to handle podcast attachments correctly? ... Mike believes the latter. Reid to followup. This might dovetail well into putting a copy of all talks on -- this is a goal, for that to be a filehost for audio + video. Reid's done a lot of groundwork for getting that configured in the WordPress install .... Reid may look into this on Saturday.

Once all the talks are uploaded -- there are many hard drives that have all the master files, nicely organized. This could be transferred to Could we just hand them the drive? (github #146)

And once we're done with this bulk of work: another piece: we should probably do a highlight reel! We could use help with that! Content from keynotes, etc., highlighting content, "this timecode", make a cutlist. (github #147) This could be the feature reel at the beginning of the YouTube channel & be something to use on the site/mainpage.

Do we have crowd/b-roll footage from any of the events? 2009 .... ..... we could ask people to get that this year. What it feels like to be at the conf. We can also use the videos of interviews Melissa did in 2011. Mike is happy to work on that!

Core Team Recruiting

Kate - Amanda's contact. Would be good at logistics. Amanda will follow up with.

Last person to fill out Wufoo form -- Amanda can ask around about them (startup weekend)

  • Dina Moy
    • Marketing and Outreach
    • Volunteer Management
    • Logistics - party

If Kurt is running the hacker lounge this year, Jonan is probably available for a different role. He expressed interest in party logistics, possibly sponsorship.

Technology / Website

We got some tasks done at the Calagator code sprint last weekend:

  • Reid upgraded both the OS Bridge and Syndicate wikis. They're now at the latest version - yay! And their themes are better.
  • Reid also upgraded Wordpress for OSB, and CiviCRM.
  • We fixed some issues with the OSB wiki, and Sumana has been clearing out spam. She also set up the 2015 wiki pages.
  • Sumana got started on inventory-ing our documentation.

Anyone want to volunteer to be crosstrained on our server deployment stuff? Chef etc.? (Put that in Calagator announcement for Sat - DONE.)

Re: the volunteer app -- if people have ideas for new features for the volunteer app, they can add issues here:

Marketing / Outreach

Social media: request that we post 1ce or twice before Dec 31 about the fact that people can donate to Stumptown to support OSB. Something like:

End-of-year donations to @stumpsyn are tax-deductible & help support @osbridge

(github #142)


Volunteer worksprint Saturday: (github #133)

Who will be there:

  • Amanda
  • Sumana will attend first half via IRC.
  • Chris
  • Christie
  • Reid (may leave early)

Volunteer Ready Issues:

Possible OCW tasks:

  • Test installing the thing
  • help with YouTube embedding

Task Check