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Open Source Bridge 2015 Planning

16 October 2014 - via Vidyo conference

Last meeting notes: Open_Source_Bridge/2015/Meetings/2014-10-09


Amanda, Amy, Kirsten, Chris, Sumana (joined late)

Note-keeper: Kirsten

Called end to meeting at 12:15 as there were no more specifics to discuss


Kirsten looked into pricing a bit. Will write up notes and share them; believe Christie is also on it.

  • May consider going from $300 to $315 to cover increased expenses
  • K could go either way

Last weekend, meant to send test registrations but had not done this. Will send out test code to everyone on core list.

Technology / Website

Kirsten updated all the prominent dates on the website.

Question from Open_Source_Bridge/2015/Meetings/2014-10-09#Logistics - what questions have come up where you could not find docs?

  • we don't have complete past budgets (would have been somewhat useful for budget planning)


Volunteer Party

  • Is tomorrow!!! Reminder email going out today.
  • 6-10 pm at New Relic
  • Pizza (including vegan and gluten-free options) and cuban food, a variety of beer, and sweets!
  • Raffle: gift cards to Guardian Games, etc

Task Check