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Open Source Bridge 2015 Planning

9 October 2014 - via Vidyo conference

Last meeting notes:


   Amanda, Christie, Reid, Amy, Sumanah

Note-keeper: Amy (the note-keeper is responsible for moving notes to the Syndicate wiki after the meeting)



A big challenge this year was: what did we do last year? so having a list will be good - doc wrangling

a lot of logistics. Some questions that came up:

  • what moving company last year? why? why not someone else?
  • meal logistics. how did we do this before? catering. - probably a lot of info is in Melissa's head or she has documented them.
  • The space - where does the caterer park to do this?

Over time, info has been stored in different places and not everyone had access to it.

One place: if info got documented as Stumptown Board info and not OSBridge.

More generally: Etherpad, Dropbox for some things, Google Docs, .... not everyone got everything they needed, onboarding & being sure they have info they should have

Where would you like documents and/or conversation to be?

One place conversation could be: an IRC channel. We have a GitHub issue to set up an #osbridge-organizing (sp?) channel after the conference Probably, assuming other people think that works, we ought to have something there logging it to a file that can be accessed and searched.

Where should documents be? someplace that is as low-evil as possible. Some docs we can have totally publicly accessible and some need limited access (e.g. contracts, past incident reports re Code of Conduct) Someplace that we can control the URL to & export things out of if we need to. Opendata/opensourcey. OSBridge wiki is the right place for a lot of things but may not be right for every kind of document

Stumptown wiki - what should be on there? meeting notes are going there now. Is that because of a policy decision or technical limitation?

Also Sumana might want to ask Audrey (asking her for URLs would probably be okay even though she wants to take time away from this)

Sherri Koehler - managed logistics for several years.


Update from Kirsten: Anyway, I will try to give out a few test registrations for people to try this weekend. Eventbrite is all set up but should be tested. (Prices changed if necessary). I updated the dates in the obvious places on the website. See the github ticket for more details on what still needs to be updated, but it should be enough for opening registration.


Volunteer Party

Jonan has ordered pizza; party will be at New Relic.

Amanda will post to Calagator today, and double-check that invites have gone out.

Media from the conference

Video update from Mike: Keynote 2014 recordings are up and I reconfigured the YouTube channel with OSB playlists. Next task is tackling getting sessions online and I'd like to also get all keynotes from each year online. I have that all organized on the OSB hard drives by year.

Task Check